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Scratch & Dent SpeedTape

Scratch & Dent SpeedTape

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SpeedTape is FastCap's high performance ultra-bond adhesive in a peel and stick roll! Apply SpeedTape to almost anything you want to stick in place. Peel off the liner and stick it! If you have a peel and stick application, SpeedTape is the answer.

The scratch and dent Speedtape is in no way damaged. The rolls are only misshapen and no longer perfectly round. This does not hinder the use of the product. 

Edge Banding Corners
How strong is it?
SpeedTape Applicator
With Metal Edge Banding
For Acoustical Foam
With Templates
DIY Sanding Belts
Bonding Kaizen Foam
1mm PVC Edge Banding
Inlaying with SpeedTape
Attached Level to Laminate
Car Cup Holder
For Model Builder
With Veneer Strips
SpeedTape Process Improvements!

SpeedTape Specs

Speedtape thickness: 5.5 mils thick.

How thick is your SpeedTape?

Our SpeedTape is the thickest of double-sided adhesive on the market or 5.5 mils thick.

I've got some iron-on banding, but I've also got SpeedTape left over from another project.  Is there any problem using the SpeedTape with the un-activated glue on edge banding?

It might work, but we don't recommend it. The bond between SpeedTape and unactivated adhesive may not be great, it would depend on the type of adhesive on the iron on edge banding. I believe each manufacturer varies slightly. But it may be worth a try, and if it fails, then just iron it on at that point.