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1/4-20 Adapter from FastCap
Great for heavy DSLR cameras or when you need absolute stability.
10 Million Dollar Stick
Make dangerous cuts safe for your fingers.
15° Drawer Drilling Jig from FastCap
Increase the speed and quality when attaching 5-piece shaker drawer fronts.
2P-10 10 oz. Bottles from FastCap
Larger bottles of this incredible adhesive.
2P-10 Easy Squeeze from FastCap
Allows you to easily squeeze glue out of 2oz 2P-10.
3 Way Clamps
The usual spring clamp with an additional spring that applies a third direction of pressure.
3 Way Clamp Lock from FastCap
Add the power of a screw clamp to your 3 Way Clamp.
3rd Hand Accessories
Accessories for your 3rd Hand HD.
3rd Hand Connector Kit
Extend the length of your 3rd Hand.
3rd Hand EMT Kit
Reach up to 22 feet in height.
3rd Hand HD from FastCap
Provides support, brace, or clamp for whenever you might need an extra hand.
3rd Hand HD Contractor Pack
Convenient 3rd Hand HD pack for contractors.
3rd Hand Little Hand XL
Designed to support upper cabinets after the base cabinets have been installed.
3rd Hand Mag Dust Door System from FastCap
A hands-free, self-closing door that you can use over and over again.
AccuScribePRO from FastCap
The ultimate scribing tool.
Adjustable Shelf Spacer from FastCap
Eliminates the need for cutting up valuable plywood as temporary shelf spacers.
Artisan Accents from FastCap
Create a beautiful ebony pinned look with the Mortise Tool and Artisan Accents.
Artisan Desk Plane from FastCap
The ultimate desk piece and stress reliever for the artisan in everyone.
Assembly Block from FastCap
Build your cabinets in no time and with no assistance.
Ballistic Aprons from FastCap
Aprons made of durable, rugged ballistic nylon material.
An easy fastener system for panels.
Best Fence PRO
Get shop level accuracy in the field.
Tri Trimmer
Accessories for your Best Fence.
Best Fence Bench Mount Quickie System
The same precision and quality as our Best Fence Bench Mount System but perfect for a small workshop.
Best Fence Bench Mount System
Get the awesome flexibility of the Best Fence on your workbench.
Best Fence Quickie
The accuracy of the original Best Fence in a small compact design.
Best Fence for Bosch Stand from FastCap
Best Fence for your Bosch Stand.
Best Fence for DeWalt Stand from FastCap
Best Fence for your DeWalt Stand.
Best Fence for Kapex Stand from FastCap
Best Fence for your Kapex Stand.
Best Fence Universal System
Get the awesome flexibility of the Best Fence with any saw stand.
Best Fence Flat Backstop from FastCap
Best Fence Flat Backstop.
Blade Breaker
Safest way to break off and store used breakaway blades.
Blind Nail Set from FastCap
Conceal nails with ease.
Blue Bin
Store and organize efficiently with our Blue Bins.
Blue Dog
Adds great functionality to your workbench when dogs are needed.
Blue Dog Square
Eliminates awkward alignment.
2 Second Lean Book
2 Second Lean Book
Banish Sloppiness Book
Banish Sloppiness Book
Lean Health Book
Read or listen to this book and be inspired by how easy and fun eating healthy can be
Lean Life Book
In Lean Life, I discovered that the missing piece for a fantastic life is to know yourself.
Lean Travel
This book teaches you how I applied Lean principals to improve every aspect of the way I travel.
BowTie Clamp
Quickest and easiest way to secure any irregularly shaped object for assembly or storage.
Box Stand
Holds boxes at an ergonomic angle and reduces motion to get parts in and out.
Tri Trimmer
Perfect compliment to the PowerHead Screws for installing cabinets.
Burn One Tape Measure
Prevents you from making simple math mistakes when measuring.
CatEyes Safety Glasses from FastCap
Built with shatter-proof wrap-around lenses, rubber nose pieces, adjustable length arms, and reinforced temples.
FastCap Clamps
Keep things where you want them.
Clip N’ Roll
Move sheets of granite in tight quarters and narrow hallways with ease.
3rd Hand Family
Check out the 3rd Hand HD Family
Fastcaps from FastCap
Adhesive screw cover cap.
Crown Control
Stop the struggle of hanging crown molding.
Crown Molding Clip from FastCap
This easy to place and remove clip makes installing crown molding much easier.
Cubby Light from FastCap
Brighten up those dark drawers and cabinets.
Custom Color Punch from FastCap
Make your own Fastcaps.
Tri Trimmer
Quickly remove the curl out of the edgebanding.
Deflector from FastCap
Holds interior non-load bearing walls in place.
Disposal Jack Low Profile
Hands-free support under the garbage disposal while you install it.
Door Mag from FastCap
Easily create in and out access through any dust barrier wall.
Drawer Bumper from FastCap
Protect your doors from your drawers.
Drawer Front Clamp
An accurate drawer front install every time.
Quickly and easily create a slot or pocket.
Dually Grommet
Dual sided interference locking grommet.
Dust Masks from FastCap
A superior quality filtration system for general purpose non-toxic applications.
Edge Break
Quick and easy way to break any wood edge.
Electrical Trim Ring from FastCap
Clean up electrical cutouts in the back of cabinets.
Erasable Kaizen Labels
Erasable Kaizen Labels fit our Kaizen Boxes.
Euro Door Stop
Make sure your Euro door cabinets look their best.
Euro Finishing Clip from FastCap
Spray both sides of the door by hanging the door vertically.
Eye Mount
Holds your safety glasses wherever you need them.
Combines a retainer for safety glasses and removable ear plugs into one piece.
EZ Stripe from FastCap
Make organization clean and easy.
Fastedge Accurate Seaming Tool from FastCap
Precision tool for cabinet refacing.
Fast Shim
Make your own custom shims at any size.
FastBreak Sander from FastCap
Break the edge on sharp melamine material in just one pass.
Fastedge Clamp
Securely hold your shelf in place.
Fastedge from FastCap
Peel and stick edgebanding.
Fastedge Tool Kit
Includes all the tools you need to apply edge banding.
Fastpads from FastCap
Erasable notepad.
Fastpatch from FastCap
Protect, patch and seal.
FastPipe from FastCap
Make your own desk or workstation.
FastWrap from FastCap
Secure loose wires and cables quickly.
The EXTREME in Pencil Technology
FLEX Backpack
FLEX Backpack is the ultimate pack.
Flex Bench
An entire workshop that can be taken to any jobsite!
FLEX Bit Bag from FastCap
Keep your router bits organized, sharp and chip free.
Flex Light
The most versatile lighting system you will ever own!
Flex Screw Bag Round from FastCap
Easily identify what screws are in each compartment.
FLEX Tool Bag from FastCap
Carry your tools easily with an assortment of pockets.
FlipBolt from FastCap
Tool-less countertop connector.
Flush Cut Trimmer from FastCap
Trim edgebanding or veneer.
Flush Cut Shears
Tired of nubs all over your beautiful shrubs and ornamental trees?
FlushMount Drillbit from FastCap
Drills pilot holes for screws.
GluBot from FastCap
Finally, a glue bottle that will not drip or spill.
Glue Nip from FastCap
Supple silicone bottle tip.
Quickly identify tools by department or area.
Handle on Demand from FastCap
Stop straining your back trying to lift heavy stuff.
Holey FastWrap
Secure loose wires and cables quickly.
How Far Out Universal Add-On Level Gauge
How Far Out Universal Add-On Level Gauge
iBall Mount
Create an articulating camera mount on nearly anything.
Izzy's Track Guide from FastCap
Make all your shop cuts straight and perfect every time.
Izzy Skirt Washer
Full adjustability when installing table tops.
J Hook from FastCap
Surface mount the FlipBolt under countertops.
The Jack from FastCap
Lift, spread, clamp.
Construct a professional quality deck.
Joist Clip
Let the Joist Clip do the dangerous work.
Kaizen Arrows
Make a place for everything and keep everything in its place with peel & stick Kaizen Arrows.
Kaizen Box from FastCap
Flexible organization system.
Kaizen Foam from FastCap
Maximum organization and visual control in your workspace.
Kaizen Foam Frame System
Great for organizing workplace, inventory, and hardware areas.
Kaizen Foam Hot Knife
Easily smooth the bottom of your cut out.
Kaizen Foam Knife Sled from FastCap
Holds FastCap’s TriBlade at the perfect angle to get a perpendicular cut through FastCap’s Kaizen Foam.
Kaizen Frame Corners from FastCap
Add the finished look to our Kaizen Frames.
Kaizen Hat from FastCap
High quality flex fit hat.
Kaizen Knife Thin from FastCap
An extra thin blade ideal for cutting contour shapes in Kaizen foam.
Kaizen Korners
Make a place for everything and keep everything in it's place.
Kaizen Scraper from FastCap
The perfect tool for flattening the cutouts of your tools.
Kliss Clamp
Hold your panels upright so you can apply Fastedge, SpeedTape, or sand with ease, hands free!
KISS Drill Bit System
Eliminate guesswork when finding and returning bits.
Knuckle Bender
Quickly adjust any sagging door.
Kolbe Korners for Wood from FastCap
Mounting bracket for 5-piece shaker style drawer fronts.
Laserjamb LJ4 Pro
Makes the process of leveling anything from a cabinet to a picture frame fast, easy and accurate.
Laser Mount from FastCap
The ultimate leveling system.
Layout Drill Bit
5mm Layout Drill Bit for precise, chip-free holes at the correct depth every time.
Layout Tape System
Designed for the 32mm European style adjustable shelving.
Lean Labels
Great erasable labels that can stick to any surface
Little Hand HD
Install upper cabinets when the base cabinets are installed.
Little Lipper
Great for getting that flush edge to any cabinet, countertop, or any woodworking project.
Long Nosed Pattern Marker
The ultimate permanent, waterproof marker.
Mag Holster from FastCap
Have your trowel ready to go.
Mag Hook
Organize your work, office or home space.
Mag Shims
The easiest way to set your blade height and fence spacing on your table saw.
Magnetic Square 45 Degrees
Set your blade to a precise 45 degrees.
A quick magnetic attachment for easily organizing small object.
Magnetic Micro Square from FastCap
Square up your table saw blade effortlessly.
Miller FastBlock from FastCap
Fully adjustable drawer slider installer.
Mini Scribe
Easily maintain a consistent scribe in those tight and difficult areas.
Miracle Latch
Add low profile latches to cabinet doors, drawers, and much more.
Mondo Grout Gun
Easy trigger pump and even flow.
Mortise Tool from FastCap
Create a beautiful ebony pinned look with the Mortise Tool and Artisan Accents.
My Grip from FastCap
The ultimate grip. The ultimate comfort.
Nail Hole Tape
Quickly mask nail holes before you fill them.
Give new life to your clogged tubes of caulking and adhesive.
Oscar Square
Quick and easy way to square and hold panels during assembly.
Outlet Stamp from FastCap
Remove the frustration of accurately marking out the backs of cabinets for electrical outlets.
P.I.Y.N. Stickers
Stop the struggle of plugging accessory cables in the side of your laptop.
Pallet Clip
A great new way to label pallets, pick locations, and building areas.
ProCarpenter Peel and Stick Tape Measurers from FastCap
Put a tape rule right where you need it.
Peel & Stick Kanban
A great organizational system for any workspace.
Pocket Chisel from FastCap
Heavy-duty handle protects the blade, and your pocket.
Pocket Peg
Mount panels, signs, pictures, and more to any wall.
Pocket Tools from FastCap
Heavy duty tools, easy on your pockets.
Power Mag for Screw Gun
Keep everything together!
PowerMags from FastCap
Transform the way you use magnets.
Pro Organizer from FastCap
The ideal way to store and organize your Fastcaps.
ProCarpenter AutoLock Tape Measurers from FastCap
Simply pull the blade out and it stays in place.
ProCarpenter Easy Half Tape Measure
Find the center of any board in seconds.
ProCarpenter FlatBack Tape Measurers from FastCap
flexible tape for measuring curves and flat panels.
ProCarpenter PSSR Mini Tape Measure
6 ft. Standard Reverse tape.
ProCarpenter Square One Tape Measure
Designed to quickly help you find the hypotenuse (square) of anything.
ProCarpenter Tape Measurers from FastCap
Our family of professional quality tape measurers.
ProHold from FastCap
A magnetic pad that fits on your wrist or drill.
Bit & Driver Products from FastCap
We have drivers and bits to fit your needs.
Screw Products from FastCap
We have screws to fit your woodworking needs.
Puka Patch
Instantly seals dings on surfboards, SUPs, kayaks and other personal watercraft!
Puka Patch Railsaver
Prevents paddle scrapes and scratches on your SUP
Quick Mandrel
Easily lock and quickly release your hole saw.
QwikDraw from FastCap
A new method of joining countertops.
Rake N’ Hoe Mini
No more unnecessary interruptions when gardening.
Get control of those jumbled cords quickly and easily.
Remote Control Vacuum
Makes you more efficient by removing the need to walk back and forth to turn your vacuum on.
Reveal Square
All-in-one marking tool for door and window reveals.
No fumbling with toggles or multiple steps
SafeCut Connector
Join lengths of SafeCut Ruler together.
SafeCut Mouse
Designed to give you predictable and precise cuts with your SafeCut Ruler.
SafeCut Ruler
The smartest and safest way to cut materials.
Saw Hoods from FastCap
Keep your work area clean.
Saw Stache from FastCap
Contain dust and leave you with a cleaner work environment.
Screw Gun Holders
The most versatile tool holder for almost any other tool you have!
Screw Wax
Makes screwing into wood quieter, easier and faster.
Sealant Saver
Prevent your caulking tubes from drying out.
Sharpie Holster
Nifty little tool designed to make using a Sharpie on the job easier and more efficient.
Shop Saw Hood
The perfect application for capturing all the dust in a production environment or home shop.
Sink Sling
Helps support and install sinks in any countertop.
SKINS Gloves from FastCap
Excellent fit, superior dexterity and MAX comfort.
Skins Gloves
SKIN gloves are the ultimate glove/hand relationship.
Skins HD Gloves
High-performance textured latex gloves: snag, puncture and abrasion resistant.
SKINS HD Gloves from FastCap
High performance textured latex gloves.
Slide Pro
Fast, hands free installation system for any drawer slide.
Smart Cleat
Architectural panel installation system.
SoftWax Filler System from FastCap
Fill holes in finished woodwork.
Spade Flush Mount Drill Bit System
Control the depth and straightness of your countersink.
Spade Flush Mount Drill Bit System
Control the depth and straightness of your countersink.
Speed Divider from FastCap
Organize all types of material.
SpeeDollie from FastCap
Move awkward cabinets effortlessly.
Speed Grip from FastCap
The ultimate grip. The ultimate comfort.
Speed Skate
Move large & heavy materials around the job or shop by yourself.
SpeedBrace from FastCap
Easy alignment after installing a level cleat along the wall.
SpeedBrace T-Brace
Create the illusion of a free-floating shelf.
SpeedClip from FastCap
Secure your tape measure.
SpeedRoller from FastCap
Ergonomic laminate roller for any PSA application.
SpeedTape from FastCap
High quality adhesive for veneers and laminates.
SpeedTape Applicator from FastCap
Your peel and stick cover caps and edgebanding "Just in time".
Square n Tape from FastCap
Straight line, every time.
Standard Peel & Stick 16 ft. Tape
The Peel & Stick tape measure puts a tape rule right where you need it.
Standard/Metric Peel & Stick 16 ft. Tape
The Peel & Stick tape measure puts a tape rule right where you need it.
Staple Setter
Solves the long-time problem of misfired 1/4" staples.
Stealth Speed Brace
Powerful and nearly invisible.
Designed for scribing and fastening stile trim to your walls, cabinets and shelving.
Sumo Strap from FastCap
Adjustable universal carrying case.
Super Mag from FastCap
Great for holding your notes in place.
Super Reel
Never wrestle with your vacuum hose or shop vacuum again!
Tail Lock
Wireless locking system for your box truck.
TapeNIX from FastCap
100% reusable temporary drawer pull and a 1/8” spacer.
Keep your tape close at hand.
11th Finger
Keep your fingers safely away from the saw blade.
Tile Boss from FastCap
Eliminates the need for a tape measure and cutting for angled pieces.
Tip Magnet from FastCap
Give your screws a place to hang out.
These pads will grab your bench and the wood for amazing staying power.
TracPad 1x1
Apply to anything you want to stay put.
Traction Dots from FastCap
Tiny treads to help hold your stuff in place.
Track Rack from FastCap
A great way to store track guide systems.
Trash Bag Holder
Never look or run out of your trash bags again!
Tread Protector
Reusable construction grade protective cover for stair treads.
Tri Trimmer
Get tight into the corners when trimming veneers and edgebanding.
Upper Hand HD
Install upper cabinets when the base cabinets are not in.
Utility Knives
Great designs for cutting.
Zero Clearance Tape
Eliminate chip out and create an exact reference for line up.
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