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2 Second Lean

2 Second Lean

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Think all the talk about Lean Manufacturing is a bit boring and all about charts and graphs? Read or listen to this book and be inspired by how easy and fun it can be. Choose from PRINTED (3rd Edition) or PRINTED Spanish (2nd Edition).

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Becoming A Lean Thinker
Стать мыслящим мыслителем
Devenir un penseur Lean
Convertirse en un pensador esbelto
Ein schlanker Denker werden
O que é 2 segundo Lean
O que é 2 segundo Lean


To find all the resources and videos listed in the book, press here.

  1. Mattias Sander07/12/2016

    Thank you for inspiring me!

    Hi Paul, Just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to start thinking about Lean again. I did study Lean methods when I studied to be an engineer, but it was all very abstract. Your Youtube videos really brought it to life! Since I saw your first video, I've started to implement Lean in my daily work as a technical writer at a financial software company, and the results have been fantastic! By making and sharing small and large improvements we've saved hundreds if not thousands of hours yearly. and have taken our game to a whole new level. Those improvements even got me invited as a speaker to two techcomm conferences, and I was invited to write an article for the Institute for Scientific and Technical Communication in the UK. In the spirit of simplicity, I wrote a short article with entry points to different Lean topics, and of course I recommended people to read your book! Looking forward to your new book! Have a good one! Mattia

  2. Mike Parker04/13/2015

    Man crush

    I think (my wife thinks so too) I have a man crush on Paul Akers. I was doing lean before I knew what it was called. After reading his book & listening to his audio, I have kicked it up about 10 notches. Much to my wife's dismay . I really only implement lean in the things I have full control of. But I think she is coming around. I retired last June. After reading his book, I bought 10 copies to give to the Okla. Blood Institute where I worked. I can see where so much of his system could be implemented. Thanks Paul for your inspiration and keep the videos coming. I even have a few of my own implementation on my computer.

  3. Max Janasik11/27/2012

    Great Speaker!

    Recently, Paul Akers spoke about lean principles at Cambia Health. I've included some of the employee quotes.

    “Paul was the best and most inspiring speaker I have heard in the two years I have been at Cambia.”

    “I learned a lot from Paul's examples of eliminating waste using Lean. I took ideas back with me that I can implement.”

    “Very engaging. A dynamic speaker with great voice quality, presence, and command of the room. Great visual presentation tools. Nice balance of humor and insight to drive home the and reinforce his message see waste, and eliminate waste through continuous process improvement.”

    “Mr. Akers was very gracious. He did not mind, rather encouraged, interruption, kept the content easy to understand and very interesting and the time seemed to fly by. I plan on reading his book and will incorporate the idea of looking for waste and eliminating it not only at work but at home.”

    “Best two hours ever!”

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