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Artisan Accents, Hammer, & Mortise Tools

Artisan Accents, Hammer, & Mortise Tools

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Artisan Accents allow you to get that “Greene & Greene” look in a fraction of the time. Simply punch with the mortise tool and tap the Artisan Accent into place with a hammer for a turn of the century craftsmanship in seconds.

A rough-hewn hammer like those used by past artisans, the Artisan Hammer is invaluable to have on hand for quick little projects on the job, at the shop, and in the house.

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  1. Not quite...

    First let me say I LOVE Fastcap. I was making a Greene and Greene bench, which requires tons of ebony plugs. I thought this might work. I bought the two sizes of chisels and plugs. The package arrived with no protection for the plastic tubes, and one of the tubes was broken (needs foam in both ends). I tried it out on the same wood (cherry) as my bench. When making the indentation for the plug, the chisel tends to rotate slightly, following the grain, so you can't be sure the plug will be level or plumb. Most were askew in some fashion, so I couldn't trust them to use on my bench. I tried different techniques to keep them level; no good. So, nice idea, but it didn't work for me.

    Response: Hi Tom, So sorry! This is not an issue anyone here is familiar with. We have not had any complaints of the chisel rotating with the grain of woods even when being used on very hardwoods. Because the product did not work as desired and we have a no questions asked lifetime satisfaction guarantee I went ahead and refunded you what you paid for the chisels and accents. I have asked our engineer to do some testing on some scrap hardwood pieces here. If he is able to find some issue with the tools I will reach out and let you know. ~Thomas

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Does this work well on hardwoods?

When using in hardwoods ie. maple, oak, etc. we recommend drilling a pilot hole so the square corners have a place to relieve into.

Didn't you use to sell 2"x2" Artisan Accents?

Yes. The 2"x2" size has been discontinued.

Didn't you use to sell an Artisan 2" Chisel?

Yes. This product has been discontinued.

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