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Dust Barrier Spring Pole

Dust Barrier Spring Pole

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The Dust Barrier Spring Pole allows you to use your Magnetic Dust Barrier Door to completely seal off a hallway in seconds. Simply twist the pole to set your length, slide on the Dust Barrier Door and secure with Mag Strips.
Dust Door Spring Pole
Hallway Application
Fire Retardant Test
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UPDATE: New EPA-mandated legislation passed April 22, 2010. The new law requires contractors and other small entities to be certified to renovate or perform work on pre-1978 facilities due to the risk of lead poisoning. To learn more about the new law, please refer to the EPA Regulation Summary.

The 3rd Hand HD helps you meet these stringent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lead-dust containment laws when doing demolition or when renovating an older home that has lead paint. In fact, the EPA mandates that dust be contained when as little as six square feet of lead paint is disturbed in homes or facilities where there are children under six years old.

If you are interested in EPA Lead RRP Classes press here.

To obtain your copy of Renovate Right, a 19 page brochure, press here.

Go to to get details on the latest lead-safety rules and lead-safe work practices.