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My Grip & SpeedGrip

My Grip & SpeedGrip

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My Grip is an innovative tool that gives you the ultimate comfort grip. It works great with hand tools, power tools, sporting goods, or anything that needs to form fit your exact grip. The unique material of My Grip enables it to be remolded over and over again. Available in a variety of colors.

My Grip 4 Pack
Speed Grip / My Grip 101
On Baseball Bat
On Cane or Walker
As Arch Supports
Koyie Hill, Chicago Cubs
On Fishing Rods (English)
Making Molds

  1. Almost Perfect

    Great product. Used it on the wooden handles on some older Bessey clamps and basically turned them into 2K handles. The only thing I'd change is an option for a flat version rather than just the ones that are thicker in the middle with finger grooves pre-molded into them.

    Response: Glad you like them! We used to sell the pellets, so you could make whatever you want, but they didn't sell well.

  2. flyingcat205407/11/2013

    This works!!!

    This works!!! novel use of this material. I have suffered for my whole life from hereditary and sports related foot problems and once I put in my rather crudely formed 'MyGrip' arch(Can reheat and remold too), I walked more comfortably. I have two sets of $400 podiatrist's digitally rendered arch supports that do nothing for me. I was later told by another (competitive) podiatrist that the digital print needs to be taken without weight on the arch(no standing).

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How do you remold it?

Place in boiling water to warm for easy molding.

Is it safe to heat in a kitchen pot?

The material we use is a safe non-toxic material at normal operating temperatures. (If you heat it FAR above the temperature of boiling water you can degrade the material which could pose a health risk). It is very similar to the material used to make mouth guards! However, the material we use is not food grade which relates not the materials composition but to the environment in which it is prepared, and regulations on how it is transported aimed at keeping foreign contaminate out. So our grips may contain a VERY small percentage of foreign contaminates of an unknown nature so if the customer is concerned, buying a cheap pot at goodwill or the like might not be a bad idea!

Does it stick to aluminum?

Yes, it does.

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