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ProCarpenter Easy Half Tape Measure

ProCarpenter Easy Half Tape Measure

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The Easy Half Tape Measure will find the center of any board in seconds. The printing has two scales on it. First, measure the full length of your board with the standard scale, and then find the same number reading on the "half" scale, and that will be the exact center of your board!

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  1. Maurice S12/31/2018

    This is awesome.....but

    Hi guys, what a great idea. I am going to order it now. One request: Can you make this with the flat back version? I love that tape as I can lay it flat, get a dead-on measurement and not have to bend the tape. Thanks for all of the great products!

    Response:I'll pass that along. If we get enough requests, we'll consider it.

  2. Easy Half for Cabinet Hardware

    I purchased the Easy Half specifically for cabinet hardware installation. Installing knobs on drawer fronts is super simple, fast and accurate. Just place a piece of masking tape in the center of the drawer front. Measure across the face using the standard scale. If it measures 11 1/16" wide find 11 1/16" on the half scale and mark it. Do the same top to bottom and you've found the center of the drawer front. Drill and it's on to the next one. I use True Precision's Cabinet Hardware jig for pulls along with the Easy Half. I use the Easy Half to find and mark the center point of the drawer front. I set True Precision's jig to the width of the pull and then center the jig on the center point I just marked. Drill and it's on to the next one. If you install cabinets for a living this is a combo you should seriousley consider. Only complaint is that the scales should face the same direction.

  3. IMHO, you should copy the Lufkin self centering tape.

    Thanks for the reply and explaining what the center finding process of this tape is. I still feel like the half scale should be directly below the full scale. But ill keep using and see if I find another reason why your layout is better.

    Response: Keep us posted. If you aren't happy, you can return it for a full refund!

  4. Overly complicated or am I missing something

    I had an orange tape measure by Lufkin that did this same feature, but in a much simpler way. Under the number 3 was 1 1/2” etc etc.. with this tape you have to measure your board (p.s. the standard scale is upside down), then go looking for that number half way down the tape, and then look accross to see what half of that is. I was hoping for a fastcap version of the orange self centering lufkin tape i got at home dep. If im missing some other benefits of this Easy Half tape, please point them out.

    Response: The point of this tape measure, is rather than doing math for you (which is what it sounds like the Lufkin does) – ours completely eliminates the need to do any math. Simply measure your entire board, and whatever exact measurement you read for the full size of your board, find that exact number on the “half scale” – and where that number shows up IS the center of your board. – So one extension of the tape measure – read one number, find that exact number, mark the center, retract tape measure, and DONE! – no math AT ALL! – Does that make sense?

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The center spring of my tape measure snapped and broke. Can I get a new spring to fix it?

No problem! We stand behind our products 100% for a lifetime, so just email us at with your address, phone number, and which ProCarpenter tape measure you have or you call us at 888-443-3748 and we will get a new tape measure out to you.

There is an oily substance coming from my tape measure. Is it harmful and how do I clean it?

The substance coming from your tape measure is a plasticizer, and it is not harmful. This might happen over time, but we are more than happy to replace your tape measure. Email us at with your address, phone number, and which ProCarpenter tape measure you have or you call us at 888-443-3748 and we will get a new tape measure out to you.

I have a Flatback 16' Pro Carpenter tape measure that is about a month old. The main lock will not hold the blade in place, while the one on the bottom works fine. I bought two of these tapes from a distributor and the other one works fine. I was wondering, is there a warranty. 

Our products are 100% guaranteed so call the distributor that you bought the tape measure from and they will replace it for you, or call us at 1-888-443-3748.

Do any of your tape measure have 1/32" increments?

Sorry, no.

What is your smallest tape measure?

Mini Standard Reverse 6'.  It has a 6' blade that is 5/8" wide. It measures 2" high.