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QwikDraw Countertop Connector & Clamp Pads

QwikDraw Countertop Connector & Clamp Pads

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The Qwikdraw is a new method of joining countertops that is fast, strong, and doesn't require any special boring or machining. Maintain perfect alignment and a seam that will never move. Take apart and assemble again in seconds! Made of thick ABS plastic and is 12" in length.

Use our QwikDraw Clamp Pad Micro or Mini (2-packs) to help clamp our QwikDraw Countertop Connector.

QuickDraw Demo

Our Macro and Mini Clamp pads work great with Irwin Micro and Mini bar clamps. 

Screw Types to Use With QwickDraw:

Kolbe Korner Screws for Nylon Kolbe Korners

1/2" #6 screws