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Rip Guide

Rip Guide

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Stop the struggle of constantly measuring for the perfect cut. The Rip Guide has a compact design that helps make quick, accurate, and repeatable measurements for your track saw. Simply slide the Rip Guide into the fence’s “T-track,” measure your cut, and saw away. For initial set up dial sight glass to your specific fence. Another great product developed on the shop floor.

** Works great with Festool, Makita, Kreg, Triton, and Wen fences**

Rip Guide Intro

  1. Justin Bernhoft01/17/2021


    To calibrate it was super easy. A little grabby trying to slide the knob onto the track. I really like how it’s a small package for portable but honestly this will not replace my TSO parallel guide system. I will keep this in a sustainer for field work on the occasion. I really don’t know how long the tape would last if this was using a regular basis. Because it’s just a regular tape and the weight aspect of it it’s gonna make it bend and end up breaking. Would the flat back tape works better

    Response: The curved blade is necessary for the auto rewind of the tape. It certainly is not as robust as the TSO system, but it is a quality tool with a much smaller footprint.

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Can you cut on a diagonal, like 45's or any other angles?

The pivoting foot will allow you to locate off of an angle, but the Rip Guide must be perpendicular to the track to avoid damaging the tape measure.


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