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Skins Gloves

Skins Gloves

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Skin Gloves are the ultimate glove/hand relationship. Made of durable textured Nitrile rubber, these lightweight, seamless gloves have exceptional grip and are excellent for puncture and abrasion resistance.  Skin Gloves work on most touchscreens. May not be as responsive with a screen protector.

Skin Gloves HD are high-performance textured latex gloves that are snag, puncture, and abrasion-resistant. The latex provides superior grip in oily applications and yet these gloves are machine washable and dry extremely quickly. Skin Gloves HD DO NOT work on touchscreens. 

Skins Gloves Update
Skins Gloves
Skins Gloves XXL
Climbing the Twin Sisters
We Wear Skins #1
We Wear Skins #2

Why did you switch to 13G nylon with a sandy nitrile coating?

It is still the same thin glove, and should still work excellently for fine detail work, based on all our testing. The benefit is that the old skin glove (nylon with nitrile) did not perform well if wet or oily. The sandy nitrile coating is to improve the grip in wet or oily conditions. It also prevents the “fingernails on a chalkboard” effect the old gloves could have when rubbed on certain surfaces!

Would either Skin Gloves be good for working with glass?

Our Skins Gloves HD would definitely help protect your hands from glass, but would not necessarily actually stop you from cutting yourself. I would think you would want a pretty thick leather glove-like you would use for welding.


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