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3rd Hand Magnetic Dust Barrier

3rd Hand Magnetic Dust Barrier

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No more stopping, struggling or hassling with zippers! The Magnetic Dust Barrier Door is a hands-free, self-closing door that you can use over and over again. Keep your job site clean and your customers happy.

Now CLEAR 38.5" curtains are available for purchase!

No 3rd Hands Needed
3rd Hand Family
Clear Mag Dust Door Intro
Dust Barrier Door Curtain Folding Instructions
System Setup
Dust Control
No Stopping & Starting!
No Hands!
Hallway Application
Dust Door Spring Pole
Fire Retardant Test
Magnetic Strip Dust Bubble
Dust Door In A Doorway
Dust Door System Overview
McDonalds Remodel
Dust Door on Job Site
Clean Construction Site
Dust Door Weights
Dust Barrier Door with Kaizen Foam

Dimensions of Door 43 in Wide x 85 in Tall Dimensions of Door Opening (width of Cross Bar) 38 in Wide x 79 in Tall


California Residents:
WARNING! This product could expose you to chemicals including di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate which are known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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    Client's Love It!

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    On Job Site

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Does the 3rd Hand come with a manual or have I lost it?

No, we don't have a manual for the 3rd Hand, but we have tons of great videos online that you can watch. Go the video tab to see all of our videos.

Is there a warranty for your 3rd Hand line? I have one where the ball detent shared off. It's less than a year old and was only used as a temporary wall while spraying,i.e. substantial loads were placed on it. 

Absolutley! We will replace the parts at no cost. We gaurantee all our products. Please give us a call and we will get the replacments out to you right away. 1-888-443-3748.

I lost my little black 3" X 3" articulating feet for my 3rd Hand. Can I buy some extras?

No problem! Check out our 3"x3" Articulating FootMagnetic Dust Barrier Foot, and our Universal Foot

I've broken the plastic "pump" handle. Can I purchase a replacement part? 

Yes! All of our products are 100% guaranteed! Our 3rd Hand handles are very complicated to put back on, so what we do is just send you out a whole new 3rd hand for your convenience. You don't even need to return the broken one. Just give us a call at 1-888-443-3748 and we'll get one sent out to you!

When I received my 3rd Hand, it came with one small pad and one large Big Foot Accessory. Should it have come with two small foot pads and not one? How can I get a second small foot pad? I purchased it from Duluth Trading Co.

Please call Duluth Trading Co. and they will be happy to send a replacement on whatever you need that was missing.

How does the 3rd Hand HD help you meet these stringent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lead-dust containment laws?

New EPA-mandated legislation passed April 22, 2010. The new law requires contractors and other small entities to be certified to renovate or perform work on pre-1978 facilities due to the risk of lead poisoning. To learn more about the new law, please refer to the EPA Regulation Summary

The 3rd Hand HD helps you meet these stringent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lead-dust containment laws when doing demolition or when renovating an older home that has lead paint. In fact, the EPA mandates that dust be contained when as little as six square feet of lead paint is disturbed in homes or facilities where there are children under six years old. 

Go to to get details on the latest lead-safety rules and lead-safe work practices. 

If you are interested in EPA Lead RRP Classes press here

To obtain your copy of Renovate Right, a 19-page brochure, press here.

Can I cut down my pole?

For pole cut down information, press here.

Why aren't the magnets sewn into the dust barrier door so you don't have to add them manually?

Neodymium magnets like our power mags have fantastic holding strength, - but are brittle and easily shatter. To simply see the magnet into the curtain would first off make the curtain very difficult to fold store and transfer, and second, would leave the magnet exposed to shatter and break easily which would require replacing the entire curtain for every customer who broke a magnet. Encased in the mag strip the magnet is protected by the plastic so that it will last through years of job site abuse!