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5/8" PowerHead Screws - 100 pack


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5/8" PowerHead Screws for Drawer Bumper (100 pcs). The Drawer Bumper protects cabinet doors from unintentional marring from drawer pull-outs. They are made from a slick UHMW material that is gentle on doors. Peel & stick for instant installation or fasten them with these Screws. See the entire PowerHead Screw Family.

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How well do PowerHead Screws fasten to MDF board? Do I have to pre-drill?

PowerHead Screws will fasten to MDF boards and there is no need to pre-drill. However, it is recommended to test drilling a screw into a sample piece of MDF before beginning the final project. Depending on the manufacturer of the MDF board, varying amounts of glue are used in different boards. If a large amount of glue is used in the board, there is a greater chance that the board will crack and/or develop a bump when the screw is drilled into the board. If the tested area does crack or bump, it is recommended, in this case, to pre-drill.