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Lean Labels

Lean Labels

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Lean Labels are a great erasable label that can stick to any surface. This versatile system allows you to organize efficiently without the stress of a label machine. Simply pick which shape that will work best and use a Sharpie™, greese pencil, or water soluble pen to write directly on the smooth white PVC material. Need to fix or add something to it? No problem! Wipe it away with lacquer thinner (for Sharpie™) or water (for water soluble pen) and write away!

To order individual labels sizes, go to Fastcap Cover Caps and select color, material (PVC), and the appropriate size/shape under Application, and then Pack Size. Or to order Erasable Kaizen Labels (works well on Kaizen Boxes). 

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How do we get the templates to print on the lean labels?

The Lean Labels are thicker than other labels.  They are made from PVC and are erasable.  They won't fit in a normal printer.

Why use marker? Wouldn't a grease pencil be much better? Using thinner means you have to have it on hand...which means you need a MSDS for it. You also have to deal with fumes and such.

A grease pencil is an excellent option! You could also use a water soluble pen.