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Best Fence 64" Fence

Best Fence 64

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Please call to order any Standard Fences. Due to a supply chain delay we have a limited supply of our Standard Fences. Our current supply of Standard Fences have minor cosmetic blemishes such as small surface scratches. At this time we have a full stock of Flat Fences.

Add an extra 64" Fence for your Best Fence system. Universal fit for any system. Does not include Connectors or Tape Measure. Check out all our Best Fence products and accessories.

Ordering Flat Fences for Flex Bench? Before you check out make sure you add FX Bench Fence Supports-FLEX BENCH ONLY to your cart. 

Best Fence Flat Update
Best Fence Flat Fence Intro
Best Fence Overview
Male to Male Connectors
Kapex Connector
With 8ft Fence
Tape Measure installation
Tape Measure Calibration
Precision Adjustment Block (PAB) Info
DeWalt Precision Adjustment Blocks (Pad) Set Up
Base Piece Upgrade
Stop Upgrade
Track Bag

PS and PMS 16 Tape Precision Adjustment Blocks Sliding Adjustment Post Fence Adapter Block male-male connector Crown Molding Stop Mag Power Strip Mount Best Fence Stop Wheels Assembly BF Accessory Bag Work Table with clip Fence by the foot