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Crown Control

Crown Control

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Stop the struggle of hanging crown molding with the Crown Control. Turn a two person job into a one person job with this simple, reliable, and reusable lean product. Adjustable to fit virtually any size crown molding.
Crown Control Commercial
Crown Control from up high with Paul Comi
Crown Molding Installation
Ron Paulk Review

  1. Jerrod Sessler11/13/2018

    Awesome tool!

    This tool enables measuring on my own as well as installation of perfect crown molding every time. Great design.

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Does the Crown have to sit flush to the angle of the shelf?

The crown does NOT have to sit flush to the angle of the shelf, so any angle STEEPER than the 53 that it is molded at would be easy to install still, simply by adjusting the shelf height properly, and then tacking the crown molding up flush to ceiling and wall, so long as the height distance from ceiling to crown control shelf is set properly, and the crown does not change width, the angle will HAVE to be perfect when it is tacked.

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