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FlushMount Drill Bit System

FlushMount Drill Bit System

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The FlushMount Drill Bit System incorporates a unique ball-bearing stop collar that controls the recess depth of the drill and allows the stop collar to stop spinning when it comes in contact with the surface. Includes a 9/16" carbide cutter. The carbine cutter has 3 sizes available: 3/8" Carbide Cutter, 9/16" Carbide Cutter, & 18mm Carbide Cutter


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  1. Ken Conroy06/02/2017

    Wow! someone was thinking.

    I did not even catch the whole micro adjuster thing. It takes the whole PowerHead screw idea from good to awesome. Perfect depth every time... It is a must have in your drill box if you use these type of fasteners.

    Response: Love hearing this. Thanks, Ken!

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