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FlushMount Drill Bit System

FlushMount Drill Bit System

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The FlushMount Drill Bit System incorporates a unique ball-bearing stop collar that controls the recess depth of the drill and allows the stop collar to stop spinning when it comes in contact with the surface. Includes a 9/16" carbide cutter. The carbine cutter has 3 sizes available: 3/8" Carbide Cutter, 9/16" Carbide Cutter, & 18mm Carbide Cutter

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  1. Jeff Suedbeck10/08/2020

    Very professional finish

    I build cabinets as a side job and previously I had used a forstner bit to do a similar task but always seemed to have trouble getting the depth right. This tool allows me to set it up 1 time and use it repeatedly and get the exact depth I need. Additionally the FastCap screw covers fit in the hole perfectly. I love it.

    Response: Super, Jeff!

  2. Triston Zismer08/03/2020

    Why didnt i buy this sooner

    This is the type of tool that will be passed down for generations thats how well maid it is there is literately nothing like and nothing that can do its job better I waited to long for this.

    Response: Love hearing this, Triston!

  3. Ken Conroy06/02/2017

    Wow! someone was thinking.

    I did not even catch the whole micro adjuster thing. It takes the whole PowerHead screw idea from good to awesome. Perfect depth every time... It is a must have in your drill box if you use these type of fasteners.

    Response: Love hearing this. Thanks, Ken!

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