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GluNip 2-Pack

GluNip 2-Pack

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FastCap’s GluNip stretches and fits nearly any glue bottle. The durable & supple silicone tip is the perfect no-clog solution for keeping your glue fresh and ready to use. Nothing sticks to it! Available in two sizes to fit nearly any bottle.
Great 2P-10 GluNip Tips
Titebond Glue Tip
GluNip on GluBot

Can the GluNip be used with the GluBot?

Yes, the GluNip can be used with the GluBot. It can also work with most any glue bottle.

Doesn't the GluNip need a cap?

If you cut only a small opening on the tip of the GluNip you will not need to do anything to seal it, The glue will create a blob and seal the tip. If you cut a large hole in the GluNip we recommend either covering the hole with a piece of tape or removing the GluNip and then reattaching the normal seal to the bottle when you are not using the bottle. You can wipe out the GluNip with a paper towel so you can reuse it the next time you need glue.

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