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Knuckle Bender

Knuckle Bender

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The Knuckle Bender is designed by a carpenter and allows you to quickly adjust any sagging door. The Knuckle Bender is adjustable to any size hinge, so making an adjustment is fast, simple and accurate every time. The built-in hinge pin remover allows you quickly remove any hinge pin.

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Ron Paulk Review

  1. Great tool, but hinge punch pin fell out

    This is a great tool. I just got it a few weeks ago and used it twice. The hinge punch pin fell out and I can't figure out how to put it back in. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Richard12/15/2019

    Great idea! Defective product.

    Bought this product on Amazon to adjust a sagging French door (indoor residential) based on a recommendation by See Jane Drill. No instructions on use in product, but watched tutorial. Worked perfect on top hinge. Move to make minor adjustment on another hinge and heard a small snap. Was not applying that much tension yet. Straight line horizontal fracture of distal 3mm on movable "tooth". Now wrench will not brace against the hinge anymore. Photos of fracture in my review on Amazon. I have contacted the Amazon vendor for a replacement and am waiting for a reply. Packaging indicates "Limited Lifetime Guarantee", but no details. Visited this website ( and didn't find anything specific in writing, but the YouTube video on the guarantee speaks a lot about no hassle returns but it is careful to say only on products bought through FastCap. Giving the Amazon vendor an opportunity to make it right first. Based on other reviews on Amazon, I see that I am not the only one to experience this type of breakage, so buy with caution.

    Response: So Sorry to hear this, Richard. We honor our warranty for products that are defective. We consider this a defective tool and will replace it at no charge. We only ask that you go through Amazon if you receive an incorrect item, missing item, or want to return the item (not due to a defect) as all Amazon sales are through third parties. Any time a product we sell breaks during normal use we will always honor our warranty, no questions asked. ~Thomas

  3. GREAT TOOL!!!

    I do handyman jobs on the side. Just got my Knuclke Bender a few days ago and have used it on a few residential hinges. This tool works like a charm, I’m glad I bought this instead of the ones that cost 5 times more. Just using it for one door on my house already makes up for the cost, I definitely recommend this.

    Response:Thanks Jerome. We love hearing this!

  4. Jarrett Holmes04/29/2017

    Works Great

    Works great, very impressed. I'm a finish carpenter and we hang a lot of doors on our site (residential)this beats taping and using my slip joint pliers, ordering another one to keep in my truck just in case. Thanks Fast Cap :-)

    Response: Super! Thanks Jarrett.

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Does this work on exterior door condo hinges? (20mm - 3/4" bore) door hinge with spring load?

It’s certainly possible. It’s strictly a function of being able to bend one knuckle at a time when they’re bigger and thicker they don’t bend is easy.

I wish the jaws were rubber-coated. Seems easy to scar up the metal hinges.

Great idea. We will consider it when we do another redesign! If you are worried about the hinge though, a simple shop cloth between the tool and the door works great!

Seems like any door that's near a corner this tool will not work when the knuckles need to be bent towards the wall.

In this situation you should be able to remove the door and bend the knuckles on the door part of the hinge rather than the frame part, then reinstall the door. That’s what I had to do in my house.

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