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Jack of All Trades

Jack of All Trades

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The Jack is great for lifting base cabinets to install shims or adjust leg levelers. Also use it as a clamp, lifting and installing entry doors, or use it horizontally to pull together hardwood flooring. Check out all our 3rd Hand Products.


  1. Clunky Action

    I really wanted to love these. Perfect for installing doors. Nice that they are really low clearance with spreading/lifting. Unfortunately the grip action is really slow and clunky. Not smooth like larger Dewalt clamps. I had to bust out the bigger clamps for cabinet install and just keep one in my tool box for emergency.

    Response: So sorry you are having trouble, Tyler. This is the first I've heard of this. Would you mind sending me a video of the problem you are having? I want to share it with the engineers.


    I install kitchen cabinets as my main gig. I love this jack & highly recommend it

    Response: Thanks, Bob!

  3. Reese Turbin05/16/2018

    Works Well

    I have two of these. One really saved me on a job yesterday. Client had a rail-mounted closet system (EZ Closets, Martha Stewart) in a tight walk in closet. I noticed one shelf was not level, I thought someone else misplaced the pins on one side. Then I realized part of the support rail was not properly installed, and it was pulling away from the wall, and two of the adjacent vertical boards were sagging about an inch. I used one of these to jack up the vertical panels, (they don't touch the floor). I was able to install a 3" x 3" L-bracket under two adjacent verticals, with a very heavy duty drywall toggle. It would have been very difficult for another person to muscle the shelves up and hold them in place without this jack. Absent the jack; the closet would have to have been completely emptied out, taken off the wall, and the rail re-installed (easily a half day of work). Yeah, these things, like most good tools, are worth the price.

  4. Geoff Gegwich11/12/2012

    It worked!

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