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PowerHead Screw Sample Kits

PowerHead Screw Sample Kits

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The PowerHead Screw Kits are available in #2 Square and T20 Torx. Both kits come with an assortment of PowerHead Screws. They also include an assortment of FastCap samples and extra driver bits.

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Powerhead Screws with Torx Drive
Torx Drive Test
Load Test
PowerHead Screws Display
Butt Joint
Pool Table
With Drywall
Workshop Addict Review

How well do PowerHead Screws fasten to MDF board? Do I have to pre-drill?

PowerHead Screws will fasten to MDF boards and there is no need to pre-drill. However, it is recommended to test drilling a screw into a sample piece of MDF before beginning the final project. Depending on the manufacturer of the MDF board, varying amounts of glue are used in different boards. If a large amount of glue is used in the board, there is a greater chance that the board will crack and/or develop a bump when the screw is drilled into the board. If the tested area does crack or bump, it is recommended, in this case, to pre-drill.