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Screw Gun Holders

Screw Gun Holders

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The Screw Gun Holder is the most versatile tool holder for your drill, screw gun, or almost any other tool you have! Stop misplacing your tools and wasting valuable time searching for them! This will bring a new level of organization and speed to any shop or work station in just seconds.

We recommend our Square drive if you need to go through the Screw Gun Holder to attach it to your substrate. 

All Screw Gun Holder models are now made with glass-filled nylon which will hold shape over time even with heavy items.


Screw Gun Holders
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  1. mcmatthelake05/07/2020

    Great idea...excellent implementation

    My wood shop is crowded, counter space can become build space in the blink of an eye. I truly believe that tools are like gasses and can expand to whatever the size of your shop. The screw gun brackets with under table mount mean zero counter space utilized and maximum availability of the tool. If i had known about these prior to designing my shop i would have actually made accommodations for these in other areas. Now i hope they design one for my battery nailers and grex cordless pinner.

    Response: Thanks, I'll pass that along.

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Will they hold up mounted in a work van? Can it be mounted vertically?


Can it be mounted vertically?