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Drawer Bumper

Price $13.30

The Drawer Bumper protects cabinet doors from unintentional marring from drawer pull-outs. They are made from a slick UHMW material that is gentle on doors. Peel & stick for instant installation or fasten them with a screw. Sold in a 10 piece pack. 

Peel & Stick Tape

The Peel & Stick tape measure puts a tape rule right where you need it. The flat 16' long tape measure is printed on both sides allowing for a left or right read. Simply adhere to the included SpeedTape to one side of the tape and stick it on! Width of a tape measure is 7/8".

Quad & Tri Trimmers & Quick-N-Easy

The Quad Trimmer with Carbon Steel or the Quad Trimmer Pro with Tungsten Carbide Blades makes trimming edge banding quick and easy! With a comfortable and ergonomic design, it trims both sides of the edge banding in just one pass.

The Tri Trimmer with Carbon Steal Blades is an innovative new design that allows you to get tight into the corners when trimming veneers and edgebanding. Designed by a professional refacer to specifically address resurfacing face frames and awkward inside trimming. Use the single blade to get into small spaces and use the dual blades for long open runs. The Tri Trimmer is also compatible with our Tungsten Carbide Blades. 

The Quick-N-Easy is our simplest edgeband trimmer yet! Combining an ergonomic housing and a standard utility blade, the Quick-N-Easy Edge Trimmer is perfect for trimming around a radius or other odd shapes. The magnet in the back securely holds the blade just where you need it and makes swapping out blades fast. Uses standard utility blades.  *Not for use with real wood

TracPad Kit

Price $6.00

With the TracPad Kit you can make your own bench pads! Peel & Stick the 2-3/8" traction rubber to both sides of a wood block and these pads will grab your bench and the wood for amazing staying power. Kit includes 8 pads and 4 Blind-nails.  Press here for our TracPad 1x1.  Press here for our Traction Dots.

Traction Dots

Traction Dots can be applied to anything you want to stay put and not damage furniture or delicate surfaces. The rubber is flexible with tiny treads on the surface for a superior grip on the smoothest materials. Press here for our TracPad Kit.