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Fastedge Peel and Stick Edgebanding

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"Total game changer" Barry on 4/12/2024 5:15 AM Rating:
Review: I cannot tell you how fast you can edge band using this PSA banding. I just finished a project and used 500' of the PVC banding and I can't imagine if I had to use an iron to secure the edge banding, it would have taken 3 times longer. The adhesive is extremely strong and very difficult to remove but not impossible. If you want the project to go even faster, buy the roller and the carbide flush timer, both are very good and save so much time.

"Fairly good product" Darrell on 12/27/2022 2:35 AM Rating:
Review: I decided to try this edge banding for a total kitchen remodel during which I built all the frameless cabinets. After ripping the plywood for the boxes, I sanded the edges lightly, then wiped them clean, making sure there was no foreign material on them. After applying the Fast Edge, I rolled it with a high-pressure laminate roller, then trimmed it using the Fastcap trimmer. I would then roll again making sure to put good pressure on the edges. Most of the edges stayed tight as desired, but several of them loosened on the edges, and some of them even came completely loose. I was forced to use an iron to soften the glue and then re-rolled them with the laminate roller. This technique, so far, seems to correct the problem. Another problem I have experienced is "cupping", where the edges come loose but the center stays flat. Again, an iron fixed this issue. Another reviewer mentioned "fracturing" which is something I also experienced, but not just at the end of the roll. I lost several feet of material due to this. The upside to this product is that it is easy to use, although you need to be sure your environment is clean, including your fingers. It also paints well. It trims easily, but make sure to be careful and trim with the grain. Overall I believe this is a fairly good product.

"Absolutely Amazing" Triston Zismer on 8/3/2020 10:29 PM Rating:
Review: This edge banding is next level Ive never had such a painless and almost satisfying interaction with Iron on edge banding this stuff was so easy to apply and the selection is like no other. <br> <br> <strong>Response: </strong>Thanks, Triston!

"pretty good stuff." David Sanders on 9/9/2018 11:54 AM Rating:
Review: for edge banding veneered plywood products i've used ripped solid wood (3/16" rips of 3/4" red oak, birch or maple), iron-on products, and fastedge. ripping solid wood is the most expensive but gives the best end result, iron-on products are good, easy to use and locally available and i've had satisfactory results, fastedge also gives good results. fastedge is super, gives a good result, but can be messy (adhesive difficult to sand down; debris sticks to everything) and when you get to the end of the roll of the natural wood products you find fracturing (due to tight radius of material at the end of the roll) which means more finish time. after using all these techniques to cover the edges of veneered plywood for my projects, i now stick with either the iron-on product (cheaper, just as reliable, and locally available at the 'big box' stores), or fastedge (more expensive and messier).

"How to Plywood Edging Using FastEdge" Workshop Addict on 2/21/2018 10:24 AM Rating:
Review: This is a fast and simple system that allows you to band (edge) plywood in minutes instead of hours. Much easier than ripping down wood and gluing and pinning to the edge. FastCap offers this edging in real wood (both finished and unfinished) and laminate including colors, wood grain and metallic. <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto" title=""><img src="/files/images/-Txy7IodTmA.png" width=300></a>

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