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"Good aftersales" Bram on 5/29/2019 1:36 PM Rating:
Review: After my glubot was letting me down, Fastcap didn't. They did averything to help me solve the issue. So thumbs up for Fastcap! <br> <br> <strong>Response: </strong>So sorry for your troubles! So glad we could help! FastCap's products are guaranteed for life!

"Glubot 16oz" GR Stillwell on 2/7/2019 1:18 PM Rating:
Review: Excellent Idea with poor engineering or quality control. It looks like the mold was not aligned properly when the bottle was made so the area around the small or discharge cap is crooked. If you get it just right you can turn the cap 1/2 turn before it feels like it will strip, I think if there was another round of thread it would be ok, but should be a little heavier (after all this is a shop tool). I tried it with water first and it leaked out around both caps, after tightening them as much as I dared they did not leak.<br> <br> <strong>Response: </strong>So sorry to hear this! I'll pass this along! FastCap's products are guaranteed for life, so please contact Sandi ( or 888-443-3748). She’ll take care of it.

"It works way better than the glue bottles!!" Chris A on 1/20/2019 1:58 PM Rating:
Review: I brought mine at menards because i was tired of buying little bottles. Buying by the gallon is cheaper. So i grabbed this off the self. When i first used it it wasn't working until I figured i had to cut the tip to my desired hole size. I used it that same day and it worked wonderful. I like that i can pour glue on any direction. I read reviews and mine has the black gasket lol.... I just want to buy more tips so i can have different ones with different hole sizes. Or replacements in case i dropped it and break the tip.<br> <br> <strong>Response:</strong>Thanks! We love hearing this! Go to the Related Products Tab for a link to all the GluBot Accessories.

"Product Suggestion" WAYNE on 4/27/2018 8:08 AM Rating:
Review: I love the concept and when it functions properly, it is a 5 Rating. BUT, FastCap need to upgrade the two washers that are provided with the bottle. They appear to be a low cost seal, because they do not last more than about two lid on/off cycles. This product would be an unequivocal 5 Rating from me if the washers worked or at least had a third party substitute that would hold up. PLEASE have your product people look into this.<br> <br> <strong>Response: </strong>We definitely will. Make sure you have the newer black washer. If you don't, let us know and we will replace it!

"Gluebot Rocks" Jim Hanrahan on 2/2/2017 8:43 AM Rating:
Review: The Gluebot is a fantastic tool. I purchased the 16oz and Baby bots just over a year ago and they have worked great. They really help keep my work space neater. No Glue drips all over the place. I would have given 5 stars except the 16oz just had a hole open up in one of the seams and won't hold pressure to squeeze the glue out. But I like it so much I am buying another one.<br> <br> <strong>Response: </strong> Contact Sandi ( and she will send you a replacement!

"Still not perfect..." Stephen Pursell on 2/1/2017 6:15 PM Rating:
Review: I've used the glubot for well over a year, and thought it works as advertised, mine developed a problem that makes it almost useless. The flexible washer under the fill cap no longer functions properly. It won't completely seal and as a result, glue comes out of the spout as well as the top. And that causes another problem. The top can be very difficult to remove when it's time to add more glue. I don't know if I got a bad seal or if it needs to be redesigned (thicker maybe), but I stopped using my globot.<br> <br> <strong>Response: </strong>Sorry to hear that Stephen. Please contact Sandi ( for a replacement.

"Glubot" Wally Marshall on 1/21/2017 5:58 PM Rating:
Review: What a remarkable tool. Easy to use and no more glue drip, plugged tips, excess glue from too large of a tip. Cannot say enough about Fast Cap products for making the job easier, safer, less stressful and time saving.<br> <br> <strong>Response: </strong> We love hearing this, Wally! Thanks for taking the time to share!

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