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FatBoy Pencil

FatBoy Pencil

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Never break your lead again with the FatBoy Pencil. It combines the utility of a mechanical pencil with the strength of a carpenter pencil. Easily sharpens in a standard pencil sharpener and this unbreakable 5.5mm lead stays sharp longer.

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  1. Pocket clip weak point

    love this pencil but the clip constantly loosens and falls into my pocket, i've resorted to zip tieing the clip on but wish that the clip was just more securely attached or not actually removable

  2. Zack Kimmel05/24/2021

    Love the pencil

    My go to pencil. This pencil fits the hand great and the built in sharpener saves alot of time. Only complaint is the grab ears broke off after 3 uses when we redone an appartment building

  3. Mark Tucker02/28/2021


    I love my fat boy pencil. My one complaint. I was using my pencil and then the end came off then I fixed it but the the sharpener came out. I cant use is any more but when I could I loved it.

  4. Don Shaw08/21/2020

    Best woodworking pencil

    I bought this last year and it's my go-to pencil every time. I love the thick lead that has not broken on me yet and the sharpener on the cap. I did lose the eraser this year and I don't see where refills are sold unless there's a standard replacement from another manufacturer. Don't use the eraser a lot but there are times I do need to.

    Response: Thanks, Don. Please contact Thomas ( or 888-443-3748). He’ll take care of it.

  5. Josh Swanson01/24/2020

    Great for daily use at work

    Great pencil I bought it for work and 3 other people have now purchased their own after using mine. Only issue is the brass piece that the sharpener/eraser holder comes out when I try to unscrew the lid to use the sharpener

    Response: Parts should not be falling out of the pencil when you unscrew the back. It sounds like part of the pencil might be broken. If you let me know your mailing address I can send you a new pencil at no charge. Thomas (

  6. J. Gilbert11/25/2019

    FatBoy Pencil

    The pencil works great. I have had it for 2 weeks. I was going to replace it for all other construction pencils I am currently using. I went to use it the other day but it came apart in my hand. I screwed it back in. Thinking it was good went to use it again, it came apart again. It will not stay screwed together at all. Overall I would highly rate this pencil as it worked well when it was functioning properly. Is this a common issue? Is there any suggestions how to fix this issue?

    Response: Our apologies for the issue with this pencil. This is not a common issue. We sell thousands of these pencils a week and rarely (if ever) have issues with them. Sounds like yours might have been defective. Please let me know your mailing address and I will send you a new one at no charge. Kind Regards, Thomas (

  7. Michael Pietras07/24/2018

    Fatboy pencil

    Great pencil I’m replacing the original one I had stolen. They write great but this time I have had to return the last one because the sharpener wasn’t leaving a point it was more rounded over. The current one I have I bought online this time hoping it would be better but the eraser keeps falling out when I turn it upside down. I love this pencil but the quality control is poor.

    Response: Sorry for the issues you have experienced with your FatBoy pencil, but I am glad to hear that you enjoy using the product. The issue with the eraser is a manufacturing defect that we are aware of and have corrected, please let me know your mailing address and I will send you a small container with replacement erasers of the correct size at no charge. Our sincere apologies. Kind Regards, Thomas (

  8. Great pencil, slight flaw

    Pencil works fantastic, nice thick lead, easy to sharpen and seems to stay sharp. Have a had a few people comment on how nice it is. My only issue is that i also ordered a refill pack (3 leads and 3 erasers) and seems like the replacement erasers are a smaller diameter, they fall out of the pencil immediately.

    Response:Sorry for the issues with the FatBoy refill. I will help you get this taken care of. This has happened once or twice in the past where there is a defect in manufacturing and the erasers are made too small, and we offer our sincere apology about that. I would be happy to send you replacement erasers at no charge. just let me know the address you would like them to be mailed to, I will test them myself before they go out to make sure they are perfect. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you at this time. Kind Regards, Thomas (

  9. Great Tool

    I would like to give the Fat Boy a "5" because it is such a great product. However as the lead gets shorter it doesn't want to come out of the body. Is there something I can do to resolve this? Keep up the good work.

    Response: I'll have to play with it and see what I figure out. I've never heard of this.

  10. Jeff Pape06/25/2017

    Eraser Issues

    I bought a FatBoy at Duluth Trading company. The part that hold the eraser falls off the top of the pencil. I have owned this pencil for only a few weeks. Did I buy a broken pencil from Duluth? If I turn the pencil over the metal pieces that hold the pencil sharpener and the erase fall out?

    Response: Sounds like the threads are stripped out. Contact 888-443-3748 and we'll be happy to help you.

  11. John Hodnefield01/11/2016

    Teacher's Pet

    This is my favorite FastCap layout item. It's clean, doesn't roll around a work surface and stays sharp for quite a long time. Adding the functionality of being able to sharpen in any pencil sharpener AND easily changing out the leads/crayons is a huge benefit. The Scouts clamor for these at each Woodwork Merit Badge I teach - so I have started giving them away as an award to the best overall leader and champion at each event.

  12. Mike in Chicago10/21/2015

    Love it

    I love mine and use it every day. The lead is amazingly tough and can take a sharp point. If it just had a sharpener in the cap, like some drafting lead holders, it would be perfect.

    I agree! We're working on it! Paul

  13. David Holmes05/28/2014

    Fat boy pencil

    Great pencil. The metal is smooth, it slips too easy. I sprayed it with contact cement to get some grip. I'd buy it again if they upgraded the lack of grip........

  14. Richard Jansen02/13/2014

    Great pencil, but . . .

    Pencil is great, needs to be colored international orange! At this price can't afford to lose it so easily. Need option of harder leads 2H. Crayons need to also be a bit harder & a white crayon would be nice for roofing

  15. Johnny Rowland01/16/2013

    Fat Boy Pencil

    I love this pencil,but the first time I dropped it,It came apart and would not stay together

  16. David West12/18/2012

    Love the FatBoy!

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Has the built-in pencil sharpener always been inside the FatBoy lid?

No. It was an added enhancement.

Does the FatBoy Pencil White work on fabric?

It works ok, but not amazing. Honestly, regular chalk might work better and regular chalk is easier to wipe off of fabric.

How do I get a few more erasers?

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