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FLEX Screw Bags

FLEX Screw Bags

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The Flex Screw Bag is a great way to organize your screws! It keeps your screws separate, organized, and we provide custom labels to label each pocket. The Flex Bag screw made from tough ballistic nylon, it is fully collapsible and comes with custom labels for an easy visual.

Round vs Square
FLEX Screw Bag
Woodshop Addict Review

Round Screw Bag with Wood Screws comes with the following screw sizes: 

1.125 - Torx

1.25 - Torx

2.5 - Torx

3 - Torx

3.5 - Torx

4 - Torx

  1. John Hodnefield01/11/2016

    No more loose screws

    I use two of these bags (thanks to the FastCap crew) to transport nuts and bolts to chess board building events. I had other containers before - but if the bucket tipped, the pieces were all over the place and mixed up. The FLEX bags keep everything in place and organized. Easy to carry and easy to cleanup/put away. Building the chess boards is an awesome event in itself, but the Scouts really love building their own chess pieces from all the nuts/bolts.

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