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GPS Kit and Tape

GPS Kit and Tape

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The GPS Kit and Tape allows you to quickly identify tools by department or area. The color of the tape and caps allow you to mark any shaped tool quickly and easily! Just wrap it in tape, or stick a dot on it, depending on the tool shape. Makes it fast and easy to determine which department tools belong to e.g., wood shop (red), metal shop (yellow). Everything gets put back with no struggle, questions, or missing tools! GPS Tape is a super thin vinyl tape that has much better conformability than electrical tape.

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GPS Tape Intro
Rogers GPS Tape System
Using GPS Tape
GPS Kit - Organize Your Tools

Can you write on the GPS Tape and is it oil resistant?

You can write on GPS tape. A sharpie works great, but you can also use a ballpoint pen. We do not market this product as being oil resistant, and we have not done testing on oil resistance. I did a quick test and sprayed it with oil and the oil beaded on the surface of the tape and then ran off, so generally, it should resist oil, but we cannot provide information on long-term exposure to oil exposure at this time.

How easily does the tape come off? Or is there a way to more permanently affix it to tools?

As long as the surface is clean when the tape is applied, and it is wrapped tightly onto itself, like you would do with electrical tape, it will last for years! We designed this tape specifically to easily stretch to match the contours of the tool, and to have a much better adhesive than standard electrical tape, to ensure it lasts a long time! If you do want to make it more permanent, you could try wrapping it in our rail saver, which is what we use to cover labels on our floor etc. that get lots of abrasions, but this should not be necessary!

Why not just use the electrical tape I already have?

It's not electrical tape. It is a super thin vinyl tape that has much better conformability then electrical tape and is stickier as well. We tried colored electrical tape when we did our testing, but it kept peeling off and it was clumsy to use because it had poor conformability.

How does it handle heat? Does the adhesive withstand 100+ temps?

Should be no problem! It will fail eventually if you hit it with a heat gun at a couple hundred degrees, but normal service temperatures of up to 120 or so should be no problem!