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Mortise Marker 12MM 2 Pack

Mortise Marker 12MM 2 Pack

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12mm 2 Pack

The Mortise Marker is a perfect tool for marking the center location for drilling mating mortises. Slide the marker into an already cut mortise on one piece. Line it up where you want it to mate to your other piece, and tap with a hammer. The Mortise Marker will leave a cross-hair mark on the mating piece that you can extend with a pencil line, allowing you to make your mating cut perfectly and quickly every time. For very hard woods, you can also use a stamp pad to ink the mortise marker to aid in easily transferring your center mark. 

Other sizes are also available in 2 Packs: 4mm5mm6mm8mm10mm, & 14mm
Mortise Marker Sets are also available for purchase
Mortise Marker Intro with Lukas
Mortise Marker Intro with Inventor Eric Soring
FastCap Mortise Markers for the Festool Domino

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12mm Mortise Marker Specs


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