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SafeCut Ruler

SafeCut Ruler

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The SafeCut Ruler is the smartest and safest way to cut materials. The profile design makes it nearly impossible to cut yourself with a utility knife. A built-in channel allows you to connect lengths together using the SafeCut Connector then use the SafeCut Mouse or Izzy's Track Guide for exact cuts along the edge. ***DUE TO THE BLADE THICKNESS WHEN CUTTING, THE RULER WILL BE 1/8" SHORT OF THE FULL FOOT, +/- 1/16" MANUFACTURING TOLERANCE*** Please call for alternate tape measure layouts.

SafeCut Ruler Overview
Cutting Cardboard
Cutting Wood Veneer
Cutting Kaizen Foam
Scoring Laminate
Izzy's Track Guide
SafeCut Replacement Blades
Adding TriBlade Blade
Ron Paulk Review

Wide: 3-1/4™