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Speed Divider

Speed Divider

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Speed Dividers organize all types of material from lumber, plywood, metal, tubing, PVC piping, garden tools, ladders, scaffolding, & folding tables. The sky’s the limit! They hold up to 25 lbs per pair. Simply cut a 1/8”x 1/2” dado, 1/2" in from the front of your cleat. Then simply slide the divider into place and for a permanent solution, affix with the optional screw holes. The Speed Divider is extremely versatile because you can slide it to fit any size material. There are pre-drilled 1/4” holes to secure material from tipping out with a chain, rope, or bungee cord. Optional Speed Divider Caps come with Lean Labels, slide the Cap securely into the front of the divider for added organization and labeling. 

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  1. Brian Kliss05/11/2020

    I developed these with Fastcap and had know idea of the scale of the improvements to come.

    Another item from the shop floor! Originally I made these just to divide molding and vertical lumber storage in our shop and it does that job really well. But then Paul Akers went nuts with it and opened up a rabbit hole of uses - Rakes, brooms, ladders, PVC, EMT, angle iron, aluminum extrusions, etc, etc...basically anything that is long and doesn't fit in a box. Storing things vertically really opened my eyes up to how much WASTE there is in storing things horizontally. No more stacks of things with the thing you need at the bottom. No more wasted space between racks. Stop lying down and go vertical!

    Response: We love you product, Brian!

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