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11th Finger

11th Finger

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Keep your fingers safely away from the saw blade with the 11th Finger. The durable nylamax push stick was constructed to prevent damage to your saw blade.

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  1. John T. Wachter02/06/2022

    Great safety tool

    I have had my 11th finger for many years. Fantastic tool for keeping fingers away from moving blade on table saw. One thing that I have a problem with is the area where the magnets are. The rare earth are very strong that the thin plastic broke about a year or more after receiving it. I used various glues, glue with duck tape and probably others I for got. I would recommend watch the powerful magnets.

  2. Allen Fisher05/25/2017

    The 11th Finger

    I just wanted to thank you for the free gift you of the 11th Finger when you had that promotion. Last night it paid for itself and then some. It lay in pieces on the floor, but I had all 10 of mine. Still not sure as to what I did/didn't do, but there was a loud sound, plastic and magnets flying. My only complaint to date has been the housing for the magnets, but from the looks of things you have made improvements to that area. Thanks again for a great product and for it's great sacrifice.

    Response: So glad your fingers are safe, Allen!!!

  3. Triston Zismer06/24/2015

    The 11th Finger

    The 11th finger works outstanding. It give your hand the right kind of comfort an assures you that your hand is no were near the blade of the saw. the magnet feature works really well. in my shop we had wood ones before this an we could never find them so its nice to have something that really sticks out and stands up straight on the bed of the saw but the only thing I would change is the color maybe make it a really bright neon green to make it stand out more.

  4. Works great ... need a new though

    Loved this product, easy and convenient to right at the side of the table saw. unfortunately through a momentary bout of, well, not thinking straight... it found itself a little close to the blade and exploded into pieces.... blade was not hurt at all, but the 11th finger was destroyed... I will need a new one of these guys now... though I think getting 2 would be much better. great product... hope to get a new one soon...

  5. James Gardner04/07/2015

    Where have you been all my life ... ?

    I received your promotional "11th Finger". Thank you. I use it all the time now because it is right where I need it all the time ... stuck to the top of my saw fence! Whoever thought this item up deserves a promotion! Before receiving the 11th Finger I was always pausing in my cuts to reach for, or even look for, my plastic push sticks as they were never where they were convenient to grab. This is no longer the case with the magnetic anchoring base on the bright orange 11th Finger. I can now find your wonderful push stick every time close to where I need to use it! Thanks again for the gift of your innovative "11th Finger". You now have another new customer for life.

  6. John Harrison03/31/2015

    11th Finger...mandatory tool!

    Hi Paul, Today was the special day that my 11th Finger arrived, so I send my thanks to you and your staff. This product is more impressive "in person" than I expected. The built in magnets let me keep your 11th Finger conveniently positioned where I can safely reach it, and I don't have to worry about it vibrating off the edge of the tablesaw just before I need it. It is solidly constructed, has a comfortable grip, and permits a solid contact with the workpiece. But, the feature that I find to be most impressive is that as I push the wood past the tablesaw blade, my hand is not aimed downwards towards the danger zone. My previous push handle had to be held in a position which aimed the force of my hand directly towards the blade area in the event of a slip, and your 11th Finger design keeps my hand, and the direction of force, well above the blade area. My old push handle has hit the garbage can, and your 11th Finger has taken pride of place on my tablesaw. The only thing that I am quite sure that I can not do with it, is lose sight of it in the workshop. The bright orange is far easier to find than the dull gray of my old push stick, and that's another plus. In my opinion, anyone who works with a tablesaw, or knows someone who does, should make sure that your 11th Finger becomes a mandatory tool to be used with their saw. . . . and you can quote me on that. Many thanks and best regards, John Harrison Creston, BC

  7. Gene Russell02/04/2015

    Very strong magnets

    I was sent this for free as part of a promotion. The idea is great. I used it twice. The second time I used it, I laid it down on the saw. When I picked it up one of the magnets stayed on the table. While looking at the 11th Finger the other magnet fell out, the two magnets attracted together at a high rate of speed and one of the magnets shattered. It still works with one magnet. Thanks.

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