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10 Million Dollar Stick

10 Million Dollar Stick

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Make dangerous cuts safe for your fingers with the 10 Million Dollar Stick. The ergonomic design and rubberized traction foot gives you a safer and more precise cut.

$10 million Stick Inventor
10 Million Dollar Stick in action
Save Your Fingers
10 million dollar stick with Izzy Swan
Ron Paulk Mail Call
Lean Chop Saw Station

  1. room for improvement... the rubber grip tears along the 'tube' and fails

    Great tool with my Festool kapex. Would like to see the longevity of the rubber grip improved.

  2. Wally Marshall01/21/2017

    10 Million Dollar Stick

    This is an absolutely wonder full product. I use it daily in my shop. I think back now and wonder how I kept from injuring myself the way I used to cut small pieces on the chop saw. I now am able to cut small pieces more easily and certainly more safely. worth more than 10 Million dollars. (Priceless)

    Response: Love hearing this. Thanks Wally!

  3. Johnnie D.04/12/2015

    Million Dollar Fingers & Stick

    Hey there... Got my Million Dollar Stick a few days ago and have already put it to good use...great product. Simple, yet very innovative and effective. We've all put out fingers way to close to that blade to make that last one small cut...don't do it anymore. And some of us may have tried to clamp those small pieces only to watch them get caught in the blade and flung across the shop (and hopefully not in your face). This product solves the problem...nice. Unfortunately it did not have the small magnet on it (as shown in the product video), but it still does a super job. Thanks guys... John

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 Does it work with plastic/Acrylic/ PETG, etc.?

Yes. We use it all the time on plastic parts.


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