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3rd Hand HD Dust Barrier Foot

3rd Hand HD Dust Barrier Foot

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3rd Hand Dust Barrier Foot is an accessory for the 3rd Hand that enables you to secure a visqueen barrier to keep dust, paint or other materials from passing from one area to another. The foot has a 2-piece magnetic center. Check out all our 3rd Hand Products.

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  1. Miasma Zazzenfruiter02/23/2021

    Clever use of a magnet. - SENT TO LUKAS

    I have had my third hands for a few years, I love them. The dust barrier foot works great on flat ceilings. The magnet does a great job of holding the plastic in place. I am currently dealing with ceiling with a 6/12 pitch. The dust caps do not work that steep of a pitch. They don't articulate enough and the plastic is too slippery for the pole to stay in place. I would love a solution for this.

    Response: Miasma, here are some options. First, if you cut off most of the height off the part of the dust foot that slips over the pole it will allow it to articulate more. Otherwise, you can use the regular 3x3 foot and either tape the Visqueen to it, or loop Visqueen over it, and then press it onto the ball attachment on the 3rd Hand with the Visqueen held between the 3rd hand and the foot.

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