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Blind Nail Products

Blind Nail Products

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The Blind Nail allows you to have an invisible mechanical connector. Simply insert the dual head nail into the set tool to set the nail, then tap the molding or wood into place on the other side. The Kit includes the Blind Nail Tool and Blind Nails.
Blind Nail Kit 3/8" x 3/16" Qty. 100 double-ended nails. Blind Nail Kit 1" x 5/8" Qty. 100 double-ended nails.

Blind Nail Overview
Blind Nail Sizes
For Finishing Wood
Mounting a Drawer Front
Birdseye Camera Mount
Falconboard Solutions Tools
Falconboard Blind Nail Solution
Blind Nail Kit Review

  1. Rich McCabe04/25/2014

    Workshop Addict

    Great for fitting up parts and holding in place while you are getting ready for final assembly. Watch my video...

  2. Sam Suklis12/03/2013

    greatest little tool

    I've been out in the shop working on the ultimate drive-you-crazy project, with more repeat operations than a Chinese assembly line. Your blind-nail system has saved me not just hours, but days and days of work...that's gotta be the greatest little tool to come along in the last thirty years. Building a ten-sided structure would have been a nightmare to clamp and glue without them. Best regards, and many, many thanks! ssuklis

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