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Drawer Front Clamps

Drawer Front Clamps

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The Drawer Front Clamp will give you an accurate drawer front install every time. These well-engineered clamps make it quick and easy to align and install with no struggle. The dual clamping allows any user to easily adjust a drawer front in seconds. Simply place the Drawer Front Clamps on the drawers, clamp, and adjust for the perfect alignment. Sold in pairs

Our Drawer Front Clamps work great for Full overlay cabinets or Partial overlay cabinets. DOES NOT WORK WITH INSET CABINETS.


Drawer Front Clamp with New Toggle

Drawer Front Clamp Specs

The drawer face overhang from the drawer box in width can range from 0 inches to  2.5 inches on each side.

  1. Danny Snyder08/03/2021

    Where has this been all my life !!??

    Wow, what genius came up with this? They deserve a gold hammer. I've been doing kitchens off and on for over 30 years, and installing the drawer faces was always one of the most tedious tasks. Once I got the hang of these clamps, lining up and attaching the faces became a cinch. Thanks!!!!!

  2. Marc Matthews01/01/2018

    Great design for a needed application!

    I was scouting around the FastCap website and expecting to see innovation and here is one that I will own. I have to admit, I was seeing the clamp to the drawer box and the holding of the drawer front, but I didn't realize that the hardware was able to fit inside when closed to the cabinet box! GREAT JOB AND DESIGN!

    Response: Thanks Marc!

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What is the thickness of the clamp? Were you referring to 3/16 space between drawer box and cab wall on either side?

The aluminum that the clamp is made from has a thickness of 3/16”. It has the following specs: Maximan overlay: 2 1/2”; minimum overlay: 1/2”; maximum drawer front capacity: 3/4”

Is there a minimum space? I use 5/8” drawers with Blum under mount slides. Only 3/16” between drawer and face frame. 

I think the 3/16” gap will be too small.

Does it work for inset?

It was supposed to, but recent customer comments I have got say that it does not.

Doesn't Rockler has the same thing?

They may look similar, but ours has adjustable functionality that theirs does not, making ours capable of working on any drawer front.