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Euro Door Stop

Euro Door Stop

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Do not settle for doors that won't shut at the same level. The Euro Door Stop makes your cabinets with inset doors look their best. Simply screw the Euro Door Stop inside your cabinet and rotate to adjust until the faces are flush.

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Euro Doorstop Tall Intro
Euro Door Stop Install
Euro Door Stop Improvement Video
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Euro Door Mount Intro

Designed to use with European cabinets, this simple and elegant solution, EDS (Euro Door Stop), will make sure your Euro door cabinets look their best. Dont settle for doors that wont shut at the same level, make your inset Euro cabinets look great! Simply screw the EDS inside your cabinet, rotate them to adjust where you want the cabinet door to shut and you are done! Simple and effective. 9/16" wide and 5/16" thick

  1. Tom Gafgen03/23/2015

    Awesome product !

    Just did an inset faceframe job and used your euro stops for the doors ,they worked great .

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