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Kaizen Foam

Kaizen Foam

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Kaizen Foam is another great product designed to help you achieve maximum organization and visual control in your workspace! Kaizen Foam separates between the layers creating a perfect fit for storing all your tools in drawers and on walls. Sheet size: 2' x 4' (+ or - 1"). Black and White sandwiched foam has 1/8" (5mm) black layer on white foam.

Kaizen Foam Red & Yellow
Quick Overview
Beveling the edge of Kaizen Foam
Clever use of our Kaizen Foam & Kaizen Foam Frames
At FastCap
Heating Tricks
Heating Pipe Tip
Repairing Kaizen Foam
Gluing Kaizen Foam Together
Bonding With SpeedTape
SafeCut Mouse & Ruler Tip
Finger Pull Tip
Kaizen Foam Burn Test
Kaizen Foam Frame
Kaizen Foam Frame System
Kaizen Foam Frame - Screwing the Corners
Secure Tools Vertically
Mount Kaizen Foam to Wall
Kaizen Knife Thin Blade
Long Nose Marker in Black, Gold, & Silver
Kaizen Foam Inserts
Paul's Workshop
File Drawer
Tool Belt
Larger Tools
Desk Drawer
Car Management
Car Cup Holder
Tricked out Tool Box
Buffing Cart
Router Bits
Turning Jaws
Colex Sharpcut Flatbed Cutter
Dust Barrier Door
Cabinet Doors
With Magnets
Home Office & Bathroom
Shaving Kit
Middle Desk Drawer
Hidden Gun Storage
Camera Backpack
Firehouse Rescue Truck
Shoe Cleaning Box
Knee Pads
Earring Storage
Protect your skis
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  1. Amazing

    Great product, fast shipping, and by far the best price. Definitely going to be getting more for work and recommending to friends. Thanks!

  2. Joshua J Erkman11/12/2020


    This shadow foam is much easier to use and provides a better end product than foam from [other suppliers]. Not only that but it is 18 times cheaper by volume than the competitor. This should be the #1 foam on the market. There are 2 primary advantages. #1 it is thick and can fill the full depth of the tool drawer, this is an engineering control preventing the storage of additional items on top of the foam ensuring things stay neat. #2 it allows for precise depth control of your tool shadows. This enables you to embed tools half way into the foam leaving the tops above the surface of the foam. Not only does this look crisp and professional but it also removes the need for finger holes further improving the appearance.

    Response: Thanks, Joshua!

  3. Excellent product

    I used this to shadow my tool box for my A&P tools. It was absolutely fantastic to work with. Some people mentioned it could be hard to remove the foam but I found that so long as you watch the videos FastCap made, it worked extremely well! Will definitely be picking more of this up for my larger home tool box! If you’re a sticker for tool accountability as well as organization, get some Kaizen Foam!

    Response: Super, Darwin!

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What are the dimensions?

Kaizen Foam Dimensions are 24"x48" plus/minus 1". Tolerances are unavoidable in foam products due to shrinkage and compression during storage and shipping.

Do you have MSDS information on Kaizen Foam?

For MSDS information press here (PDF).

Can I get different colors?

We have black, black and white, black and red, black and yellow, and black and green foam available for high contrast. If you are interested in another color please let us know. We are currently looking at offering blue foam in the future but do not have a release date at this time.

Didn't you use to have all white?

Yes. It was discontinued in 2017.

Can I get custom-sized Kaizen Foam pieces?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any custom cutting for Kaizen Foam. Kaizen Inserts, our dealer in CT does offer custom cuttings, for more information please check out their website:

Why is Kaizen Foam so expensive to ship?

The Kaizen Foam sheets are considered an oversized item by UPS and are charged a dimensional shipping rate charge because of how much space they take up for the shipper. To offset this we offer free shipping on orders of $100 or more, or we recommend checking out one of our dealers in your area to get this product for the lowest cost.

Can I order Kaizen Foam online if I am not in the United States?

We do not do online sales for Kaizen Foam to overseas customers. This product is very expensive to ship. Please contact us to discuss shipping rates and dealers in your area. Please email us at or call us at 888-443-3748.

Is this good for packing to ship heavy items?


Will spraying the tools with oil to prevent rust hurt the foam at all?

Other than leaving some oil on the surface of the foam it will not damage the foam at all. It is a closed-cell foam, meaning that liquids will not absorb into it, but rather just stay on the surface. 

Has anyone tried gluing Kaizen Foam into a plastic toolbox? I would like to use something I already have like Liquid Nail.

That mostly depends on what material of plastic toolbox and if Liquid Nail will stick well to the plastic. The liquid nail will work great with the foam! – The foam is closed cell polyethylene but is fairly porous so it bonds well, the main concern in adhesive choices is heat, as some glues create a heat reaction when curing which could melt the foam.