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Quick Mandrel

Quick Mandrel

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The Quick Mandrel, developed by a cabinetmaker, has a new quick-release system that allows you to easily lock and quickly release your hole saw. Line up the pins and push into place with a simple twist to lock your hole saw. No screws, no threads, as fast as changing a bit in your screw gun!

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Mandrel Comparison
Brian Way Review
Tool Box Buzz Review
Shop Tool Review
Paul's Tool Box Review


The shank on the quick mandrel is ~7/16". Please make sure your drill chuck can accept this size. 3/8" drill chucks will not work with this product. Most drills will have a 1/2" chuck, but please check yours before ordering.

  1. Paul Ricalde04/13/2017

    Quick Mandrel Review

    Paul Ricalde, of Pau's Tool Box checked out FastCap’s Quick Mandrel and said, "I've never used a mandrel that I have liked as much as this one".

  2. Brian Way04/13/2017

    Quick Mandrel Review

  3. Rob and Phil from Tool Box Buzz03/21/2017

    Quick Mandrel Review

    Watch the video:

  4. Kenny Koehler of Pro Tool Reviews03/08/2017

    Fastcap Quick Mandrel for Hole Saws Review

    "It doesn’t seem like it’s terribly strong at first glance. After a few uses, it didn’t show the slightest hint of budging. Better yet, it was just as easy to take off, even after going at it with some larger hole saw that required more torque."

    Press here to read the entire review.

  5. Jeff Wallace03/07/2017

    I own this, I use it regularly, it works!

    I have used this a number of times and it is a great high speed, low drag contribution to my hole saw kit. I haven't used it on anything bigger than 1 1/2" yet, but I don't expect there will be any difference, as all of the torque is on the pins and this is well made.

    Response: Thanks Jeff!

  6. Brian @ Workshop Addict03/01/2017


    "The beauty of this product is that is it a great addition for anyone who uses hole saws. It allows for a quick hole saw change or it allows the saw to be removed for easy core removal." To read the whole article, press here.

  7. Tim Johnson @ Shop Tool Reviews03/01/2017

    Hole Saw Quick Mandrel Review

    "With a price of only $19.95, the hole saw Quick Mandrel by FastCap could pay for itself quickly, due to the lack of frustration alone." To read the whole review, press here.

  8. Javier @ Tool Craze02/01/2017

    Quick Mandrel Review

    Check out what Tool Craze has to say about FastCap's Quick Mandrel:  "I’m very pleased with how fast and easy the FastCap Quick Mandrel actually is and is leaps and bounds better than traditional hole saw arbors."  Press here to read more.

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