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SpeedClip, Tape Measure Belt Clip

SpeedClip, Tape Measure Belt Clip

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Never have torn pants from your tape measure again. With the SpeedClip securing your tape measure is a breeze. It easily clips over your pants or belt and can even hold a pencil.

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  1. Best product ever!

    I saw one review complaining that the entire clip pulls off their belt when they go to get their tape. There is a simple solution to this. Put your thumb on top of the clip, and pull up on your Tape with the rest of your fingers. Using this method you can have the clip entirely unsupported and still remove your Tape with ease. As far as durability is concerned, I've been using these daily for ~6 years and haven't broken one yet (though I've noticed some cracks in one or two). I was so tired of wasting 5 seconds every time I was trying to put my tape back. I think it's safe to say that this simple item has litterally saved me 40 hours over the years, not to mention my pants. Well worth the buy! The only improvement I would suggest, is seeing if there is an economic way to make a more permanent pencil holder. The plastic leafs tend to substantially loosen over time. I've thought of trying to glue in a tiny leaf spring, or something similar...

  2. For the price it can't be beat

    I've had one of these for going on two years now. I don't use it everyday but it has been used most days. Have I had it pop off my belt? Yes. Was it when I was squatting down or sitting when it happened? Yes. Has it ever come off when it mattered? No. I love the thing as it works well and if I ever loose it, who cares, just get another one. In fact it went missing at a clients house. I thought I accidentally threw it away. Nope, their dog got it and hid it in the back yard. Fast forward two months and it reappears and has been back on my hip. love it. Although I have broken pencil leads in the sharpener fairly frequently. I have always thought it was the cheap Home Depot pencils that were the problem. I'll try some different ones and see what happens. Keep up the good work!

  3. Brian Barlow03/09/2016

    SpeedClip Review

    I ordered 4 of these because of the price and idea. Tired of trashing $50.00 jeans because of tape measure. My problem is none of my tape measure clips fit into the speedclip. I don't use any special tape measure but neither Stanley or Dewalt will fit. Time to break out the Dremel tool I guess.

    Thanks Brian for bringing this to our attention. We have increased the size of the SpeedClip moving forward!!!

  4. Mike in Chicago10/21/2015

    Like the man said, great idea, lousy execution.

    I bought this to keep my tape from popping off my belt, instead the whole thing pops off my belt. The underside of the clip really needs to loop under the belt, like on some gun holsters. Plus, it needs a pencil sharpener that doesn't break the point off of pencils. Maybe you could do that for a few cents. Raise the price point to $1.99 and no one would care.

    RESPONSE: Thanks for your feedback. That is the first time I've ever heard this complaint & we sell millions of SpeedClips. Do you mind sending me a video of your problem? Paul

  5. Favorite FastCap Product

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