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SpeedTape is FastCap's high-performance ultra-bond adhesive in a peel and stick roll! Apply SpeedTape to almost anything you want to stick in place. Peel off the liner and stick it! If you have a peel-and-stick application, SpeedTape is the answer.

Custom widths available: Call for custom widths up to 54"

Edge Banding Corners
How strong is it?
SpeedTape Tips & Tricks while installing tile work with Brian Kliss
With Metal Edge Banding
For Acoustical Foam
With Templates
DIY Sanding Belts
Bonding Kaizen Foam
1mm PVC Edge Banding
Inlaying with SpeedTape
Attached Level to Laminate
Car Cup Holder
For Model Builder
With Veneer Strips
SpeedTape Process Improvements!

SpeedTape Specs

Speedtape thickness: 5.5 mils thick.

  1. Triston Zismer08/03/2020


    I cant say anything bad about this speed tape, Its strong but not to strong to where you would damage your work pieces when trying to separate them

    Response: Good to hear, Triston!

  2. John Hutsko08/22/2017

    Endless Uses

    I'm an engineer at a 4 star resort and I always keep a roll in my tool bag. I've used it to reattach furniture trim, carpet, wallpaper seams etc... but my #1 use is repairing the hem on the bottom rail of window shades. In the past it meant a trip back to the shop to glue and clamp but now I'm able to fix them in place which is a great time saver. My only complaint is the size of the inner core, I re-roll mine onto a scotch tape core for reduced size.

    Response: All great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately the machine we use to slit it to width only accepts the 1 standard core size that we use, we couldn’t cut it on a smaller core size.

  3. Wally Marshall01/31/2017

    Speed Tape

    I use the speed tape for making jigs, it works exceptionally well and is fast and easy to work with. The holding power is exceptional as well. Another great product by Fast Cap.

    Response: Thanks! Would love to see a video!

  4. Needs Improvement

    When no other option is available, I'll reluctantly reach for this. I use it to make screw caps (with the cap punch kit) and instances where my glue pot automatic edgebander cannot process, such as curved edges. I find the adhesive to be very rubbery, to a point of gooey. You can easily shift the edge banding sideways with moderate pressure, even after allowing several days of "cure" time. Would like to see it improved, as the concept is solid. Heat activation or more of a pressure sensitivity so it could bond more solidly... here's hoping.

    Response: Sorry to hear that. The reason you are experiencing that is because you were not rolling it on and applying adequate pressure. You are leaving a 5.5 mill coating of adhesive standing proud on top of the material. When you roll it in with sufficient pressure the glue penetrate into the pores and fibers thereby bonding it solid. Paul

  5. Dave West11/27/2012

    Creative Idea!

    Hey Paul, I came up with a creative use for the SpeedTape. Check out my video...

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How thick is your SpeedTape?

Our SpeedTape is the thickest of double-sided adhesive on the market or 5.5 mils thick.

I've got some iron-on banding, but I've also got SpeedTape left over from another project.  Is there any problem using the SpeedTape with the un-activated glue on edge banding?

It might work, but we don't recommend it. The bond between SpeedTape and unactivated adhesive may not be great, it would depend on the type of adhesive on the iron on edge banding. I believe each manufacturer varies slightly. But it may be worth a try, and if it fails, then just iron it on at that point.