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Stealth SpeedBrace

Stealth SpeedBrace

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The Stealth SpeedBrace supports your countertop and bar overhangs with no visible kicker or expensive corbels. A pair of Stealth SpeedBraces will support 300 pounds of weight, while HD braces support over 500 pounds, so go ahead test that kitchen counter. Sold individually.

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SpeedBrace Project Overview
Stealth SpeedBrace Overview
SpeedBrace 36" Island
Kitchen Island
Cool SpeedBrace Installations
Stealth SpeedBrace Intro
HD Stealth Speed BraceTest
L-Brace Intro
Floating Shelf SpeedBrace Intro
SpeedBrace T-Brace Intro
Stealth Speedbrace for Curved Pony Wall
New Kitchen Shelving
Secure Dishwasher

12 " Stealth SpeedBrace Technical Specification Drawing (PDF)

12" HD Stealth SpeedBrace Technical Specification Drawing (PDF)

16" Stealth SpeedBrace Technical Specification Drawing (PDF)

24" Stealth SpeedBrace Technical Specification Drawing (PDF)

30" Stealth SpeedBrace Technical Specification Drawing (PDF)





Can I install the SpeedBraces more than 16" apart?

You can do 32" on center, but it really depends on the type of material you are using as the shelf, countertop, etc.. When weight is applied and the material sags between the braces, the SpeedBraces will twist and ultimately will fail. As long as there is no sag between each SpeedBrace, and you install into studs, they will still hold up to 1000 lbs.

Can I purchase the Island SpeedBrace in 48” length?

Unfortunately, custom sizes or longer sizes are not available at this time. We only have this product in 36” length (you can cut it down). This is a new product for us so other sizes may be available in the future, but due to high shipping costs based on the size and weight for these larger braces, a larger size may not be feasible.

Would this work on frameless cabinets as well?

Yes. People use it that way all the time, but you might have to do some small adaptations to the brace and to the cabinet structure.