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The TLC is a great way of securing any tool to a work belt. With so many options the applications are endless.

- TLC SET simply attach CAM INSERT to a tool, slide cam into TLC slot, rotate, lock, and never drop another tool again!

- TLC BENCH MOUNT easily hangs tools on a bench with the. It helps store and transport tools on a job site or at home.

- TLC LOCK BENCH MOUNT Locks your tool securely to any vertical surface you bolt it to: ladders, tool bags, you name it! Use it, in conjunction, with the TLC Cam Insert, and never drop a tool again!

- TLC CAM INSERT can be installed on more tools and can lock into a TLC belt clip.

TLC Intro with Lukas
Dropping Tools? Here Is A Secure Way To Carry Almost Any Tool | Brian from WorkshopAddict
Paul Comi using the TLC
TLC Lock Bench Mount in-action with Lukas | TV Screen Install
TLC Promotion with Kolbe Akers & Paul St. Jacques (Inventor)



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