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AccuScribe Pro

Price $19.80

The AccuScribe Pro makes it easy to maintain a consistent scribe offset, staying parallel to the object surface every time. It is ideal for scribing trim on kitchen cabinets, architectural moldings, countertops, splash guards, tile and even flooring. Fits a standard pencil, Sharpie, or FatBoy Pencil.

FatBoy Pencil

Price $18.10

Never break your lead again with the FatBoy Pencil. It combines the utility of a mechanical pencil with the strength of a carpenter pencil. Easily sharpens in a standard pencil sharpener and this unbreakable 5.5mm lead stays sharp longer.

FatBoy Red Crayon

Price $4.84

Refill Red Crayon. FatBoy Red Crayon Refill includes 5 red crayon refills for the FatBoy Pencil.

FatBoy Refill

Price $4.84

Refill lead and erasers for the FatBoy Pencil. Refill includes 5 lead refills and 3 erasers.

FatBoy White Soapstone

Price $4.84

Refill white soapstone. FatBoy White Soapstone Refill includes 5 white soapstone refills for the FatBoy Pencil.

Layout Tape, Layout Drill Bit & Layout Tape System

The Layout Tape System is designed for the 32mm European style adjustable shelving. This system includes a 60' roll of Layout Tape and a Layout Drill Bit which allows you to drill precise, chip-free, 5mm holes at the correct depth every time.

Long Nose Marker

The Long Nose Pattern Markers solve all your tricky layout problems. The BOLD 2MM TIP Marker has a 1-7/8" reach and makes bold lines for easy visibility, especially on our Kaizen Foam. Available in Gold, Silver, and Black.   

The NEW Long Nose Pattern Marker THIN has a 1MM TIP and a 1-1/2" reach. The fine point tip is great for marking inside holes, along walls, and cabinets. Available in Black. 

Both markers have a wide chisel point. Permanent & waterproof, it will be your go-to marker for any job. 

Mini Scribe

The Mini Scribe makes it easy to maintain a consistent scribe in those tight and difficult areas, staying parallel to the object surface every time. The Turning-Cam allows you to adjust the measurement on either side of the Mini Scribe, the steps represent 1/8", making it easy to get up close measurements every time. Need a marking gauge? Simply flip the Turning-Cam and run the Mini Scribe lip along the edge and get the perfect line!

Outlet Stamp

Price $24.15

The Outlet Stamp removes all the frustration of accurately marking out the backs of cabinets for electrical outlets. This innovative design plugs into the outlet receptacle and marks four precise marks, identifying the four corners of the cutout. Marks both single and double gang boxes. Includes five specially designed marking pins.

Square N Tape

The Square N Tape eliminates the back and forth of marking and measuring with your tape and then drawing a line with your square. This all-in-one tool has 8 great features and cuts stud layout time in half!

The Square N Tape works great with FastCap's 16' ProCarpenter Tape Measures.