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Best Fence Bench Mount System

Best Fence Bench Mount System

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Now you can get the awesome flexibility of the Best Fence on your workbench. Specially designed Precision Adjustment Blocks fasten to your bench surface to give you Best Fence accuracy and ease in seconds. For a less expensive option, check out our Best Fence Bench Mount Quickie System and check out all our Best Fence products and accessories.
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  1. Roger Kienzle09/17/2021

    Benchtop Best Fence Review

    I set up my newly purchased Best Fence yesterday. The Best Fence is sitting on top of a 10’ run of base cabinets and provides support for my Nobex miter saw. That’s right – a hand miter saw. The setup can be adjusted any way you like – up, down, in and out. The tracks are easy to take up and put back in. It is easy to zero the tape ruler to the blade. I think the Best Fence system cost me about three times what I paid for the miter saw but this is a high quality system and I don’t think anyone will have buyer’s remorse. During the setup I became annoyed that there was only one tape ruler and I called back to order another one for the other side. Then I realized I could just flip the tape over and there it was – what I needed for the other track. I have to repeat to myself, “never underestimate the tool manufacturer”. Humbling. I do, however, have one suggestion. I think it would be better if Fastcap made a video dedicated to guiding a new user through the setup process. I didn’t really use the printed instructions. Watching a couple videos that showed small parts of the setup process actually made a difference to me and I was able to figure out the rest. Finally, I purchased the flat track instead of the standard track mainly because Fastcap is out of the standard. I am very happy with the flat track with the back stops. Seems to me that this is actually better and more versatile than the standard track.

  2. Miter saw improvements

    I love this system. I think there is still room for continuous improvement. This system needs to help out those who constantly make 45 degree miter cuts and need a great way to measure there material. Look at the Clearmount Miter saw fence and design a similar measuring system for the 45 degree miter cuts. Those are the hardest to measure and cut.

    Response: Good idea!

  3. Ultimate Miter Saw Station

    Check out my review:

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