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ProCarpenter Tape Measure

ProCarpenter Tape Measure

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The ProCarpenter Tape Measures are developed with 7 innovative features: Lever action belt clip, Pencil sharpener, Dual locking system, Erasable notepad, Heavy-duty 1-inch blade, High-contrast tape & Rugged compact design. Available in Old Standard, Standard Story Pole, Standard Reverse (Lefty/Righty), Metric Standard, & Metric Reverse (True32) blade styles.

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UPDATE: Now exclusively available on the Metric/Standard 16' & 25' tapes and the Standard/Standard Reverse 16' & 25' tapes is our Nylon wrapped blade: smoother action pull and retract, and MUCH higher abrasion resistance to keep your tape nicer for longer!

Looking for our Mini Standard Reverse 6' (PSSR-6 MINI)?: Select Standard/Reverse (PSSR) in the Tape Blade Styles drop-down; then 6 feet (mini) in the Lengths drop-down. 

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The ProCarpenter Tape Measure is an incredibly innovative tape measure. We have developed this special tape with many innovative features:
- Lever action belt clip
- Pencil sharpener
- Dual locking system
- Erasable notepad
- Heavy-duty 1-inch blade
- High-contrast tape
- Rugged compact design.
- Meets Class 2 tolerance standards

Four blade styles available:
PMS - The PMS features Metric and standard measurements identifying increments down to 1/16" and millimeter.
PSSP - The Story Pole features a blank edge of the blade for writing your notes AND standard measurements on the other edge.
PS - The PS features Standard measurements that are readable when the tape is extended from either the right or left hand.
PMMR - The Metric/Metric Reverse features metric measurements that are readable when the tape is extended from either the right or left hand.
PSSR - The Standard/Standard Reverse features standard measurements that are readable when the tape is extended from either the right or left hand.

PSSR-6' Mini has a 53'' StandOff

  1. Almost Metric

    I like the mm numbering, layout is easy to read and the build quality is great. However, on the back of the tape measure, just below the clip, is the width of the tape measure for things like measuring in between walls or posts. Just add that number to your reading on the tape and you have your measurement. Thing is, the metric tape measure is stamped...3". If that is my only gripe, then you made a good tape measure. Hopefully you can sell enough metric tape measures to justify molding a dedicated metric case with the width, in mm. I assume you are reusing this part from a standard measure to save $$.

  2. Larry Thomas Dunn01/30/2021

    Love it!

    Have a bag full of measuring tapes but this is my go-to favorite for doing any finish work. Seems like a small thing having the small red numbers for the 16ths but really speeds up accurate work. Also being able to write on the side allows for taking multiple measurements without having to remember them.

    Response:Thanks! That is great to hear!

  3. RobertB01/16/2021

    Been using it for 6 years

    I've been using the 16' righty/lefty standard reverse for several years now. It's durable, accurate, and I love the coating on the tape. It works as good as the day I bought it, but I did lose the belt clip. Main use is in my woodworking shop where I never need anymore than 16'. Best tape measure on the market as far as I'm concerned.

    Response: Thanks, Robert. Sorry about the belt clip. Please contact Thomas ( or 888-443-3748) for a replacement.

  4. Brian Roesch01/10/2020

    The Mini is a MUST!

    Pick up SOME, just not ONE of these little gems! The most used tape in my school shop. You will think to yourself "self this is just another tape" but you will find yourself using this little guy more and more! Sweet job FastCap!

    Response: Thanks, Brian. Love hearing this!

  5. PhillyNess05/09/2019

    Superb except...

    Well after watching a few youtube reviews and seeing many woodworkers using this tape I had to check it out. Good price and great features were a superb selling point. Overall everything was great except 1 tinny little thing that unfortunately made me return. Such a shame otherwise it is a SUPERB TAPE MEASURE. The new versions apparently have a Nylon Coating that extends the life of the blade and that is a great idea. The only gripe I have is that because of the coating it changes the color of the blade from White to LAVENDER/PURPLE. I have seen other tapes on market also use a coating but theirs is clear. Such a shame but looking at a lavender/purple tape measure all day is bothersome to my eyes. I also have the Yellow version (mm and inches) and that one must be the older model because blade is pure WHITE and a pleasure to use. Such a shame.

    Response: Thanks so much for the feedback. I'll pass this along!

  6. Bruce W Campbell04/25/2018

    PMS-16 (Lever action belt clip)

    Excellent tape. I don't like the lever action belt clip. Changed mine out to one that just slips onto the SpeedClip

  7. Michael J Curtin04/24/2018

    happy camper

    lefty righty works as expected if not better. have had broken brake on the older 25' and had to fine tune the 16' to prevent the return function from jamming

  8. The 25' metric/standard is one of my favorite tapes

    I have been using a metric/standard tape for quite some time now and my only real complaint is that I've had it so long some of the molded rubber has cracked off. I used sugru to patch it which works and sticks very well. I had a flat back some years ago but found the spring too strong and never really got into using it...but this one is a real go-to for me. It's resistance to crimping has been good in my daily use for at least 3 years. The tape feels about as smooth as when it was new. I have never used the pencil sharpener and nearly never use the scratch pad - but I really like the belt clip and the stand out. There are some FastCap products that I love and some that I'm not so crazy about...this is one that I really love.

    Response: Glad you love it, Dan!

  9. Chuck Thunderburg03/21/2017

    Best tape measure to buy?

    Watch video:

  10. Mark Richards11/01/2016

    Awesome, but could be better

    I have the standard reverse, and a story pole. Both are great for measuring. They are super accurate, easy to use. The large clip make it super easy to grab the end of a board. And the unsupported reach is amazing. I have 2 minor issues with them 1. you can't use it for inside measurement. The back edge of the tape is rounded, so you can't put it into a corner and add the width of the body. That makes it hard to use sometimes. 2. the pencil sharpener won't work with the fat boy pencil that fastcap makes. DUH!!!

    Response:Thanks. FYI: the FatBoy Pencil works perfect with the pencil sharpener. You just need to extend the lead out so it fits in there.

  11. Mike Parker04/13/2015

    Learning curve

    I have the standard reverse tape measure. I had to teach myself NOT to look at the numbers upside down, like you do with a reg. tape measure. made a mistake with the 6-9 numbers. I am now use to it and love it.

  12. Rich McCabe02/11/2014

    Take another look!

  13. beckdrix07/24/2012

    unreal customer service

    great.. fantastic..unreal customer service..I don't know of a tape measure company anywhere on the planet that backs there product up like the people at FASTCAP do ... I got the replacement tapes on Monday ..I can't thank you enough...If any of you out there are looking for a serious high quality tape rule.. you will find it here.. in the FASTCAP line of products ...This is a company that I truly believe in now ... I hope every one that reads this will buy at lease 2 of your products

Add a Review

The center spring of my tape measure snapped and broke. Can I get a new spring to fix it?

No problem! We stand behind our products 100% for a lifetime, so just email us at with your address, phone number, and which ProCarpenter tape measure you have or you call us at 888-443-3748 and we will get a new tape measure out to you.

There is an oily substance coming from my tape measure. Is it harmful and how do I clean it?

The substance coming from your tape measure is a plasticizer, and it is not harmful. This might happen over time, but we are more than happy to replace your tape measure. Email us at with your address, phone number, and which ProCarpenter tape measure you have or you call us at 888-443-3748 and we will get a new tape measure out to you.

I have a Flatback 16' Pro Carpenter tape measure that is about a month old. The main lock will not hold the blade in place, while the one on the bottom works fine. I bought two of these tapes from a distributor and the other one works fine. I was wondering, is there a warranty. 

Our products are 100% guaranteed so call the distributor that you bought the tape measure from and they will replace it for you, or call us at 1-888-443-3748.

Do any of your tape measure have 1/32" increments?

Sorry, no.

What is your smallest tape measure?

Mini Standard Reverse 6'.  It has a 6' blade that is 5/8" wide. It measures 2" high.

What is the standoff of the Mini Standard Reverse 6'?


Does the Old Standby Tape Measure have a standard 16" on center layout indicated on the tape?

Yes, the 16", 32", etc. are red on the tape.