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ProCarpenter Tape Measure

ProCarpenter Tape Measure

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The ProCarpenter Tape Measures are developed with 7 innovative features: Lever action belt clip, Pencil sharpener, Dual locking system, Erasable notepad, Heavy-duty 1-inch blade (*excludes Metric/Standard 12' (PMS-12) & Standard/Standard Reverse 6' (PSSR-6 MINI)), High-contrast tape & Rugged compact design. Available in Old Standard, Standard Story Pole, Standard Reverse (Lefty/Righty), Metric Standard, & Metric Reverse (True32) blade styles.

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UPDATE: Now exclusively available on the Metric/Standard 16' & 25' tapes and the Standard/Standard Reverse 16' & 25' tapes is our Nylon wrapped blade: smoother action pull and retract, and MUCH higher abrasion resistance to keep your tape nicer for longer!

Looking for our Mini Standard Reverse 6' (PSSR-6 MINI)?: Select Standard/Reverse (PSSR) in the Tape Blade Styles drop-down; then 6 feet (mini) in the Lengths drop-down. 

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ProCarpenter Tape Measures Left Handed Tape Measure

The ProCarpenter Tape Measure is an incredibly innovative tape measure. We have developed this special tape with many innovative features:
- Lever action belt clip
- Pencil sharpener
- Dual locking system
- Erasable notepad
- Heavy-duty 1-inch blade (excludes PMS-12 & PSSR-6 MINI)
        - Metric/Standard 12' (PMS-12) is a 5/8 inch blade.
        - Mini Standard/Standard Reverse 6' (PSSR-6 MINI) is a 5/8 inch blade.

- High-contrast tape
- Rugged compact design.
- Meets Class 2 tolerance standards

Four blade styles available:
PMS - The PMS features Metric and standard measurements identifying increments down to 1/16" and millimeter.
PSSP - The Story Pole features a blank edge of the blade for writing your notes AND standard measurements on the other edge.
PS - The PS features Standard measurements that are readable when the tape is extended from either the right or left hand.
PMMR - The Metric/Metric Reverse features metric measurements that are readable when the tape is extended from either the right or left hand.
PSSR - The Standard/Standard Reverse features standard measurements that are readable when the tape is extended from either the right or left hand.

PSSR-6' Mini has a 53'' StandOff

  1. Dead accurate and reasonably priced

    This tape measure is far cheaper and better than the competition's offerings. For my job, a 25 ft tape measure doesn't make sense, and this tape has become my go to. As my other tapes become ineffective, I am replacing them with these. The writing pad on the front is great, and everything comes off cleanly.

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There is an oily substance coming from my tape measure. Is it harmful and how do I clean it?

The substance coming from your tape measure is a plasticizer, and it is not harmful. This might happen over time, but we are more than happy to replace your tape measure. Email us at with your address, phone number, and which ProCarpenter tape measure you have or you call us at 888-443-3748 and we will get a new tape measure out to you.

I have a Flatback 16' Pro Carpenter tape measure that is about a month old. The main lock will not hold the blade in place, while the one on the bottom works fine. I bought two of these tapes from a distributor and the other one works fine. I was wondering, is there a warranty. 

Our products are guaranteed to be free of defects. If you have a defective product first call the distributor that you bought the tape measure from and they will replace it for you, or call us at 1-888-443-3748.

Do any of your tape measure have 1/32" increments?

Sorry, no.

What is your smallest tape measure?

Mini Standard Reverse 6'.  It has a 6' blade that is 5/8" wide. It measures 2" high.

What is the standoff of the Mini Standard Reverse 6'?


Does the Old Standby Tape Measure have a standard 16" on center layout indicated on the tape?

Yes, the 16", 32", etc. are red on the tape.