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Sharpie® Holster

Sharpie® Holster

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The Sharpie Holster is a nifty little tool designed to make using a Sharpie on the job easier and more efficient. Fitted with a belt/pocket clip and two bench and table mounting options, your Sharpie can now easily be capped and uncapped with one hand, saving you time. The cap simply clips into the holster and then to your pocket or table, keeping your sharpie right where you need it.

This product is great for anyone that uses a Sharpie Marker!! Uncap and use the Sharpie with One Hand, never lose the market cap again!!

Features... Great For...
• Bench mount (screw needed) • Woodworking projects
• Wall/table mount (screw needed) • Manufacturing, Production, or office spaces
• Belt/pocket clip • Eliminating marking hassles
• Wide mouth • Sheet metal
• Sharpie® cap lock • HVAC installers
  • Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, and Contractors
Sharpie Holster Update
Cool little tool - Sharpie® Holster
Sharpie Holster Overview

  1. Ken Hale12/08/2017

    Awesome Product!

    I don't know how I lived without this product! I put on my sharpie holster first thing when I arrive at the shop and now I am always ready to label a part, tool, cabinet, or anything else I come across all with the ease of one handed operation. Thanks FastCap!

    Response: Love hearing this. Thanks Ken!

  2. David Enderby12/30/2015

    Alternative Sharpie Cap

    I love this thing. I own a few of them, some I have mounted so my marker has a home and is ready to conveniently use when I need it. But what I most like about it is having it clipped on by my side for quick one handed accessibility. For the price this Item is a 5+ star rating.

    Response: Thanks David!

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Can you get the lid back out?

Yes, you just have to lift the clip on the lid and then rotate back left and the lid will come right out!

Will it work with the Milwaukee Inkzall markers?

Sorry, no.

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