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Kliss Clamps

Kliss Clamps

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The Kliss Clamp and Kliss Clamp XL are innovative clamping systems designed by a cabinet maker. Kliss Clamp holds your panels upright so you can apply Fastedge, SpeedTape, or sand with ease, hands free! The Kliss Clamp XL is great for holding doors upright so you can mortise hinges and prep doors for installation.

*Scatch & Dent Kliss Clamp XL has small pin nail blowout and sanding marks. This does NOT impact the functionality. 

Kliss Clamp Intro
Kliss Clamp with Paul Comi
Kliss Clamp XL

  1. Kliss Cabinets06/26/2019

    I might be biased, but...

    I used to use these exclusively for applying Fastedge, but then after developing the clamp with Fastcap and having a couple extra around, I started using them to nail up cabinets, route shelves on edge, and more. So much better than using a cumbersome screw clamp on edge and way more stable. And now a Kliss Clamp XL for doors is available also!

    Response: Great ideas, Brian!

  2. Lou Kirby07/01/2018

    Bought one, good decision

    I do a lot of tall book shelves, and other case work. Had been meaning to throw a jig of some sort together to do the same thing. Somehow I never get around to it and then I need it and wish I had taken the time to make one. Bought two of these and used them for the first time last week. Couldn't ask for more. They worked great for me and I highly recommend for anyone assembling case goods who need a third hand.

    Response: Love hearing this. Thanks Lou!

  3. fishmort03/03/2018

    cliss clamp

    make one for up to 2'' thick for doors asap then will buy a few

    Response: Thanks for your feedback. Due to so many requests, We are looking into a Kliss Clamp XL!

  4. Malcolm Bastron02/06/2018

    kliss clamp

    I haven't purchased this, and probably wont as it has unintentionally limited its usefulness. If it was able to accommodate up to 2" or more then it would be very handy for working on doors and multiple sheets at a time. Maybe a future release.

    Response: Thanks Malcolm. A number of folks have asked for both this size and an XL for doors. We'll keep you posted on this.

  5. Frank Cioffi02/05/2018

    Kliss clamp for doors

    Make one for doors and I"ll buy one. Or two. Probably buy one of this one too.

    Response: Thanks Frank. A number of folks have suggested this. We'll keep you posted!

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Could you sell a printable template for the ply parts?

We are looking into selling CAD files. Digital files are a whole new type of product for us so we want to make sure we do it right.