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Saw Hoods

Saw Hoods

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The Saw Hood was designed by a general contractor to eliminate the catastrophic dust problem created by miter saws. It sets up in seconds and contains 95% of the dust. You will be amazed at how effective this product is.

The Saw Hood Pro is identical in function to the Saw Hood but is made out of spring steel so it can fit into a compact bag. If space is an issue, this is the tool for you.

The Shop Saw Hood is the new rigid hood that fits on any miter box saw in a fixed location. It’s rugged and effective, the perfect application for capturing all the dust in a production environment or home shop. The panels come packed flat and take just minutes to assemble and install. Its easily customizable width makes it fit perfectly on any and every saw. We provide the side panels, all you need to provide is (3)1”x3” boards cut to your desired Saw Hood width. Cut the backing to 48” long and the same width as the 1”x3” pieces, with a thickness up to 1/4” of either plexiglass, laminate or signboard to create the curved hood.

The Saw Hoodie is our latest generation of saw hoods to effectively address the difficult problem of dust collection on miter box saws. It’s super small and compact and works best on smaller 8-inch saws but can work on larger 10 and 12-inch saws as well. It’s designed specifically for quick and minimal setup and takedown on job sites. Its super flexible metal spring ring design allows this hoodie to spring open and mount into the accessory holes on your saw. There is even a vacuum hose hole in the back that allows you to attach a shop vacuum for added dust collection.

Saw Hoodie Intro
Lukas showing the Saw Hoodie at home
Saw Hood PRO Comparison
Shop Saw Hood Wood
ChopSaw Saw Hood post modification
Saw Hood 101
Fold & Buckle Original Saw Hood
Saw Hoodie in action with Roger
30 second overview
Peacock Joint Repair
Arm Modifications
Alternative Mounting Methods
With Wet Saw
With Kapex Saw
With Makita Saw
With Compound Miter Saw
With DeWalt Stand
With Tile Saw
With Kapex Saw
Lean Chop Saw Station
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The Sawhood Original and Sawhood Pro mounting arm features a 5/8" diameter mounting post. This will fit in the accessory holes of most saws on the market. There are some saws with no accessory holes or smaller diameter holes. For these saws you will need to come up with a different mounting method. This youtube video shows examples of how to do alternate mounting methods:

Please note that the size of the mounting post has changed to 5/8" but the tips in the video are still informative.

The sawhood is not made of flame resistant material. Use extreme care with metal sparks going into the sawhood.


California Residents:
WARNING! This product could expose you to chemicals including di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate which are known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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  1. Paid off on day 1

    Only used it twice so far, but what is saved in cleanup time more than paid for it. Installs/Uninstalls in a snap. Folds up neatly for transport/storage. Miter saw must have.

  2. Works Fine

    A hood is the only solution for containing the bulk of the debris thrown off by a miter saw. None are perfect, but this works fine.

  3. Andrew Jones09/21/2020

    Great Saw Hood

    We at Tree Care of Lafayette purchased this Saw Hood and it was a great investment. Good quality and does what it's meant to do.

    Response: Super, thanks!

  4. Barry Jackson04/08/2015

    Cuts Down On Fine Airborn Dust

    I have asthma and had to wear a professional two-filter face mask when using my miter saw. I ordered the chop saw and was amazed at how much it reduced the upward and rear sawdust projection ... so much so that I don't wear the mask anymore and don't wake up the next morning with my sinuses plugged up. I was reminded of how effective it is when I recently had to use another miter saw without it. My glasses were covered with sawdust and my sinuses plugged up quickly. This really is a HEALTH & SAFETY product as much as a cleanliness tool. Grateful for this product!

  5. MDCustom07/05/2013

    Excellent product

    This saw hood has saved me countless hours in cleanup over the years. Time is money. And that's not the best thing! It has got me jobs! It makes for a very professional appearance on a job site. Passerby have asked for my business card. Also the client is usually impressed enough to tell their friends. Worth its' weight in gold! It would be nice to have a space for personalizing with my company logo.. my only improvement.

  6. Daniel Rempel06/13/2013


    Not only does it keep the sawdust from shooting all over my basement, it makes my workshop look like it belongs to a professional.

  7. Russell11/05/2012

    FastCap ChopShop Saw Hood Review

    Check out this review by Lumberjocks of FastCap's ChopShop Saw Hood.

  8. Keith Stewart11/05/2012

    Easy Set Up!

  9. Neal Cipriani08/30/2012

    Great tool

    I manage work for a very large cabinet and fixture company, and we probably have around 20 of these hoods.The contractors we work for really appreciate the fact that we try to capture or saw dust. we get complements on every job, and usually other trades want to know where to get one. Now if you could just make a saw that doesn't make dust.

  10. Brent Sheen04/22/2012

    finish carpenter

    I purchasted one of these as soon as they came out. I love it! I put a plastic tub under the saw and all the saw dust and scraps go right in there. it saves so much cleanup. I do wish they would beef up the metal at the rivit areas. my first one broke there and the second one the plastic base the poles go into broke at a pin area. I am now purchasing my 3rd one. I wouldn't be without one.

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Will the Saw Hood attach to any saw/stand combo?

The ChopShop Saw Hood is adjustable and works with 99% of saws. The stand you use should not matter. As long as the saw has accessory holes on the backside, you should be able to mount either Saw Hood. The Saw Hoodie mounting posts are about 9/16” diameter. They are meant for standard accessory holes and may not fit some small saws. Check your accessory hole size before purchase.

Can a large vac hose port be put in the bottom instead of the larger hole to create some negative pressure?

Yes – absolutely! There is a Velcro opening that will easily hold a vacuum hose into the bottom – we actually do it all the time in our shop! The Sawhood PRO has a drawstring hole that will allow the same thing to be done as well!

Will this work with wet saws for stone cutting?

Yes, it will! You will probably need the SawHood Tile Clamp in order to attach it, as most of those saws don’t have accessory mounting holes!

Is there anything available to help with PVC or composite decking debris? I’ve tried static guard and vacuuming as I go but nothing really helps!

Unfortunately, this is a big issue with composite and PVC decking. We are soon going to be coming out with a new saw hood which is wood and corrugated plastic and should work better for this, but it will not be easily transportable to job sites, it's more of a home-shop saw hood.

For the standard saw hood, an antistatic spray is helpful, but it doesn’t last very long, and repeated coatings throughout the job are necessary and become expensive and time-consuming. Soaking the saw hood in water might actually help quite a bit, and be cheaper than antistatic spray and id maybe give it a try, but the only way I know for sure to help is really to set up a coolant system on the cut itself, something like you would have on a CNC machine, or on a tile saw. Grizzly does make some stand-alone coolant systems that could be set up on a job site, but I'm not sure if they will prove enough flow, and also you are going to end up with a mess down in the throat of your saw and all over the ground.

What about dust control on the Shop SawHood?

It is very easy to cut a small hole for a vacuum. Otherwise, the Saw Hood Pro has an opening built-in.

What is the diameter of the Saw Hoodie mounting posts?

The Saw Hoodie mounting posts are about 9/16” diameter. They are meant for standard accessory holes and may not fit some small saws. Check your accessory hole size before purchase.